Who needs a private diary?

Quiet TimeEarlier today I asked if anybody kept a private (for your eyes only) journal or diary and, if so, what were the tools of choice. Only one person said yes. No conclusions can be reached by such a small sampling (only 557 followers on Twitter and 2800+ on Facebook), but I’d be surprised if social media hasn’t quenched the desire for privacy and fed the temptation to exhibitionism.

If that hunch is right, it may well indicate that nowadays the 21st Century clock sees less closet time with God than before. As if we were spending too much time already in private prayer and meditation of the Scriptures. “Quiet time” has already become a quaint phrase of the 20th Century. Continue reading

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My alone time with God? It varies accord…

My alone time with God? It varies according to my farming schedule. Off season, it’s early morning.

In the field it’s tractor time that provides for my time alone to pray and meditate. On the tractor I also listen to Christian talk radio. It provides an opportunity to get a handle on contemporary religious thought. Since some form of Calvinism permeates almost all of Christian talk radio along with numerous other fallacies, it’s not recommended to those who have trouble sorting truth from error.

In the truck hauling grain, I have a giant print Bible to read while waiting to be loaded or unloaded. The giant print helps me to read better in many of the poorly lit situations I find myself in. If I’m down in the shop watching the corn dryer I bring it in there too. Watching the dryer is much like watching paint dry. . .well, until something goes wrong!

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