It is time to quit when you have accompl…

It is time to quit when you have accomplished your goal, when continuing is counterproductive or useless and your effort would be better spent elsewhere, or when your efforts are unwelcome. Jesus advised dusting off one’s feet and Paul did not hesitate to move on when opposition became great (Thessalonica, Athens, Ephesus).


When to Quit?

When is it time to quit, that is when is it time to quit preaching for the local congregation of which you (I) currently are (am) a member? Boy! If I only knew an objective answer to that! I am constantly evaluating how things are where I preach; many things are included in the evaluation process. Some of those items that I include are: 1) Does the congregation want me to continue? 2) How well does my family enjoy living and working here? 3) Am I being effective in the work (as I judge it)? 4) Does (should) my extended family play a role in me having to consider further options? 5) Are there problems within the local congregation that continue, and I am having no success at getting them resolved? 6) Do the brethren need “new-blood”? That is, do they need a new preacher to help stimulate new enthusiasm. Related to this is whether or not the congregation is too comfortable with how things currently are? If they are, is this a bad thing?

These questions I am continually filtering through my mind. Since I am the final judge of all of them (for this local decision), I only wish that some of them were much more easily determined than they are.

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Daily Nudge: quitting

When is it okay to quit? Are there any guidelines? How does one know when it’s time to move on? In what areas or endeavors is it possible, morally or acceptably, to desist?

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