Starts with attitude

Life rarely lines up to our liking; our ducks all in a row, the planets in perfect alignment, our t’s all crossed and i’s all dotted, fair and equitable treatment in all our associations and encounters.  Something is always amiss, out of kilter, or just messed up.  We feel irritated, provoked, and mistreated.  That is life.Then why isn’t everyone beat down?  Why aren’t all people a toxic dump of negative emotions? Why isn’t everyone mean-spirited, defeated and in despair? —It All Starts with Attitude

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Hugh’s News & Views (Notes & Quotes)


DAVID SHANNON SELECTED AS NEXT PRESIDENT OF FREED-HARDEMAN UNIVERSITY: I am thrilled with the choice of David Shannon as the next president of Freed-Hardeman University. I am confident that David is the very man needed to lead the school, and I join with hundreds of others in wishing him all the best in his new role. I am sure he will have the support and prayers of all of us who love Freed-Hardeman.

For the past 17 years, David has been practically a next door neighbor as he has served as the preacher for the Mount Juliet Church of Christ in Mount Juliet, TN. During his ministry the church has grown from some 500 members to over 1000. He is a master communicator and is as solid as the Rock of Gibraltar in “the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints.” I am convinced that he will see to it that the university stays in “the old paths” of New Testament Christianity, something, sadly, that cannot be said of all the colleges and universities among us. Continue reading

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Alexander Campbell & the Godhead

Alexander Campbell on the Godhead1

“For the divine nature may be communicated or imparted in some sense; and indeed while it is essentially and necessarily singular, it is certainly plural in its personal manifestations. Hence we have the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit equally divine, though personally distinct from each other. We have in fact, but one God, one Lord, one Holy Spirit; yet these are equally possessed of one and of the same divine nature. Some conceive of God as mathematical unit; and as a thing cannot be both mathematically singular and plural, one and three, at the same time and in the same sense, they deny the true and proper divinity of the Son of God and of the Spirit of God. But it would seem to us, that they reason not in harmony with the sacred style of inspiration. But why should we imagine that there cannot be a plurality of personal manifestations in the divine nature any more than in the angelic or human, especially as man was created in the image of God?” — Alexander Campbell, The Christian System, p. 8.

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A high compliment

“It was said of [Robert Murray McCheyne], ‘He cared for no question unless his Master cared for it; and his main anxiety was to know the mind of Christ.'”

Concise Dictionary of Christian Tradition

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The One spurned

Ron Thomas makes an important point in one of his articles:

We must never forget that God is judge and his word is supreme. He will not bend to our preferences nor bow to our desires.

God will react to us in the way we react to him. If we spurn him, he will spurn us. If we seek him, we will discover that he has sought to receive us into his arms.

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Bible reading is directly related to spirituality https…

Bible reading is directly related to spirituality.

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Hugh’s News & Views (Reading Gleanings)



“In the Bible, as in ordinary life, words mean what they are used to mean neither more nor less.” (James I. Packer, as cited by gospel preacher, John Gaines, in a Facebook posting on April 22, 2014). To which I responded with tongue buried deeply in my cheek, “Nah! No way! Surely not! There just must be many passages in which the words do not mean what they are used to mean, given the ‘explanations’ of those who do not agree with what the passages plainly say.” (Note: I could cite the use of the conjunction “and” in Mark 16:16 connecting belief and baptism to salvation and in Acts 2:38 connecting repentance and baptism to remission of sins as examples of a plain, simple word being “explained away.” It is utterly amazing that people will entrust their souls to the religious instruction of those [some
professing to be scholars] who do not know even the meaning of the simple word “and”!) Continue reading

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