Hugh’s News & Views (. . . Regarding Race)


At the risk of rushing in where angels fear to tread, this week I offer some very personal remarks regarding matters of race. I do not do this to further “stir the pot” that has been boiling in our country over the past few weeks following the senseless killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis by rogue policemen (or at least policemen who, for the moment, lost their sense of responsibility as public servants). As a Christian, I should not have to say that I find that deed both despicable and unconscionable. Regardless of why he was in police custody, no person should be treated as George Floyd was treated by those policemen. Continue reading

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Hugh’s News & Views (. . . Racial Church History)


In 1964 my family and I moved to Clarksville, Tennessee in order for me to serve as minister of the Madison Street Church of Christ. I was 26 years old and ambitious, but hopefully ambitious to serve the Lord on a wider field of opportunity. Clarksville was the home of a state university (Austin Peay) and a sprawling Army base (Fort Campbell).

When I moved to Clarksville the Madison Street church had between 400 and 500 members (considered to be a fairly large congregation as churches of Christ go), with a Sunday morning attendance commensurate with the membership. Of course, the attendance included children too young to be Christians, adult non-members, as well as visitors from the community, including a number of students from Austin Peay. Joe Morgan was president of the University and one of the church’s elders. Several other Austin Peay faculty were members at Madison Street. Continue reading

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Alcohol, race, prayer for evangelism, Firefox

no amount is safe• Scary article here, considering Brazil is one of the most beer-guzzling countries around: “Driving While Buzzed: No Amount of Alcohol Is Safe Behind the Wheel.”

Get this quote: “Why do buzzed drivers have more dangerous accidents? In large part because they are more likely to speed, less likely to wear a seat belt and more likely to be driving the ‘striking vehicle,’ compared with sober drivers, the study found.”

And why this tendency? Because any amount of alcohol lowers self-restraint significantly. And that, my friends, is why the followers of Christ abstain from drinking. This ain’t rocket science. When you drink in any amount, another spirit besides the Spirit of Christ controls you.

• Be sure to read Rick Kelley’s article, “What Race? Wrong Question.” There is no reason, from either side, for the separation of human beings in the church of God.

• This post, “Successful Soul Saving,” highlights the importance of prayer in evangelism. Does it go too far? What do you think? As a rule, we don’t go far enough in our prayers for the salvation of others. Speaking personally, of course. You can make your own confession or defense. (As if you owed one to anyone but the Lord.)

best browser• If you use the Firefox browser, a nifty add-on is Scrapbook Plus for saving webpages to your browser. I’m still learning the ins-and-outs, but it seems quite good for resources you want to consult or use offline. You can save several depths of links in a site or subdomain.

• Firefox just released version 5.0, with even better speed (and it was good, before) and grouped tabs. I use it almost exclusively, with a gazillion add-ons that make my experience fast and convenient. Try it out. (Of course, with a new major version like 5.0 the add-ons have to update and catch up. Still worth it.)

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