Some Drawbacks Of Technology In Learning

While there are many benefits in using technology for learning, there are also problems as well. Gary Small, professor of psychiatry and aging at UCLA Medical School, is among many scientists who argue that digital multi-tasking is a myth –

Quoting professor Small: “Young people who multi-task can complete the task more rapidly, but they make more errors, so we’re becoming faster but sloppier when we multi-task.”

The idea of being able to do more than one task at a time and to do it well, is a fallacy. As human beings, we are able to only think one thought at a time and to do one task at a time with any positive results. We can plainly see the results of multi-tasking while driving an automobile on the freeway – it causes accidents because folks are trying to do more than one task at a time instead of totally concentrating on the task of driving.

When our workforce is downsized and existing employees are forced to multi-task in order to keep their jobs, the end product will indeed be “sloppy” as professor Small points out in the above article.

And we wonder why we are slowly becoming a third world country!

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