Arguments that sound reasonable

I say this so that no one will deceive you through arguments that sound reasonable” Col 2.4.

False arguments are made to sound reasonable. If they didn’t appear to be plausible, no one would believe them. Continue reading

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Top Ten Reasons Why A Nightclub is a Nice Place

10. Nice place to get stabbed.

9. Nice place to get shot.

8. Nice place to get a sexually transmitted disease.

7. Nice place to find someone you wouldn’t want to introduce to your mother.

6. Nice place to get a jealous husband or wife to kill you.

5. Nice place to ruin your reputation.

4. Nice place to get arrested and go to jail.

3. Nice place to get a fatal pistol whipping.

2. Nice place to lose your inhibitions and self respect.

AND THE NUMBER ONE REASON why nightclubs are a nice place:

1. Nice place to find sin and lose your soul.

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Can't They Make A Pen That Writes?

If folks can put a man on the moon, why can’t they make a ball point pen that writes (every time)?

When I buy groceries and begin to write a check – the pen doesn’t write, or the ink skips where you can’t read the writing. It’s always been amazing to me, that the more simple a thing is, the more complicated man makes it.

Do you think that’s the reason why folks seemingly can’t understand the Bible — because they make something that is relatively simple (the gospel) complicated?

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