Judge for yourselves: Luke 12.57

“Why don’t you judge for yourselves what is right?”

Luke 12.57 NIV

Man was created to think and reach proper conclusions based on the evidence he gathers. The Lord Jesus rebuked the people of his day for not judging properly. They should have used that God-given function rightly rather than use faulty reasoning, especially in relation to himself, cf. Jn 7.24.

If we’re supposed to judge, then what kind of judgment does the Bible condemn?

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Apples and oranges So often when comparisons are…

Apples and oranges!
So often when comparisons are made, when people reason, they compare things that should not be compared – apples and oranges! It is very like my post today – JAM – I compare my small home town to the big cities chosen in a magazine for best and worst cities. The truth is they don’t compare because it is apples and oranges. But it provided a springboard to boast a little about home, so please excuse.