Public Discussion on Water Baptism – May 27 & 28, 2016

This advertisement is via an email announcement being made by the Southwest church of Christ in Austin, TX:

On Friday and Saturday night, Jack Honeycutt of the Willette church of Christ will be discussing the essentiality of baptism for the remission of sins with Michael Brawner, a Missionary Baptist Preacher. Jack will affirm the proposition, “The Scriptures teach, ‘a person must be baptized in water as a requirement for salvation.'” Michael Brawner will affirm the proposition, “The Scriptures teach, ‘a person’s last requirement for soul salvation is faith only in Jesus Christ, coming from the heart.'”

GBN will broadcast the event live, with pre-event coverage beginning at 5:30pm CDT each evening. Mike Hixson and Bart Warren will host GBN’s coverage of the event. The event can be viewed on our GBN cable stations, as well as on our website.

Recently, Jack Honeycutt was in the studio and talked about some of the events leading up to the public discussion.The recording of this interview is available also by clicking here.

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Hugh’s News & Views (Get Your Picture Taken)


J. D. Tant (1861-1941) was a preacher, debater, and writer who devoted his life to the proclamation of the gospel of Christ as revealed in the New Testament and to the work of maintaining the purity of New Testament Christianity and the church of which one reads in the New Testament. While most of his work was in the south and southwest, he nevertheless evangelized throughout the United States. During the course of his life’s work he conducted over 200 debates with preachers of various religious persuasions. Continue reading

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