This is What Happens if You Ask Google Home Who Jesus Christ Is…

Let me first say, to be completely honest, I am not interested in the least when it comes to having an electronic “assistant” that listens to everything in my home (Siri is turned off on my phone), so while I can’t personally verify the following information, it is still interesting nonetheless.

This is what happens if you ask Google Home who Jesus Christ is…

The soulless Google Home has nothing to fear (except maybe a really bad virus), but whoever calls the shots for its developers may fall in to a different category, whether they believe in their own soul or not (Matthew 10:32-33).

Greater privileges bring greater responsibilities, especially when it comes to teaching others. This goes for individuals, congregations, communities, cultures, countries and everyone who participates in the world wide web.

Whoever is not with me is against me; and he who does not take part with me in getting people together, is driving them away.” (Matthew 12:30 BBE)

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A thought provoking question

I have a thought-provoking question.

I say thought-provoking because I believe it’s worth thinking about for several reasons – although I’m not necessarily looking for an answer.

I don’t know if the question can even be correctly answered on this side of life. That’s because there may not be a book, chapter and verse for it. And if there is, I must honestly say it’s not an obvious section of scripture to me. I have my ideas, but they’re only my ideas.

So what’s the question? Continue reading

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Difficult situations

Some of the toughest questions I’ve heard are those dealing with human situations.

People can get themselves into some really difficult ones. There are those who have been married and divorced, some more than once.

Many of these discussions begin with the phrase, “But, what if…”

What many  have trouble understanding is that while humans are situational, God isn’t. God’s word is objective truth.

Look at the Ten Commandments. God said, “You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain, for the LORD will not hold him guiltless who takes his name in vain,” (Exodus 20:7 ESV). But, some may say, “Lord, you just don’t understand how difficult it is to obey this command. Sometimes my feelings get out of control and I say things that are wrong.” This may be true, but it doesn’t change what God commanded.

A line is crossed when one decides to violate God’s word even when they believe it is impossible to comply. Therefore, they think there may be some permissible way to avoid guilt and separation from God and transgress God’s word anyway. Don’t ask me how.

And people can get themselves into some twisted and obtuse situations, too.

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Your stance on contraception

This question with the above title reproduced exactly, came in through the contact page on

What is the church of Christ’s stance on contraception? I’ve been told that the church of Christ finds nothing wrong with contraception; however, I know that before 1930 all Christian denominations condemned contraception without exception. If the church of Christ did not condemn contraception at that time, it would have been a noted exception; therefore, I assume that at that time the church of Christ also condemned contraception. If the church of Christ now accepts contraception as moral, when did this change take place?

BNc isn’t for Biblical discussions, and we don’t have time to answer all the questions we get, as much as we’d like to. So I thought I’d throw it out to you. What say you?

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