Christianity Upsets The Religious Apple Cart

Christianity turned the first century “world view” upside down because it challenged and changed the commonly held religious thought of that day in a drastic way. It taught that all Christians are priests. It taught that Gentiles were acceptable before God. It taught that the attitude and actions of man as he worshiped God are important and NOT the physical location of worship. It taught that the inward man needed to be cleansed as opposed to the outward physical man. It taught that the kingdom of God is spiritual and not earthly. It taught the end of the Jewish nation as God’s kingdom. Most Jews rejected Christianity for this very reason.

Today is no different. True Biblical Christianity challenges the commonly held beliefs of “Christiandom”. It teaches there is a heaven and a hell and that ALL will be judged and sentenced according to their actions on this earth. It teaches that salvation is exclusively in Jesus Christ and that Atheists, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Wiccans, and the like will be lost. It teaches that the church is the exclusive body of Christ and that only those in the church will be saved. It teaches that faith is not a mere mental assent that Jesus is God’s son; true Biblical faith requires obedience. It teaches that one can so sin as to lose his own salvation. It teaches that God has specified how He will be worshiped and anything outside of that is vain worship. It teaches that man cannot live however he pleases; he must repent — he cannot continue to live in sin and expect a home in Heaven. All of these things are contrary to the teachings of one denomination or another — today’s religious apple cart. True Biblical Christianity is being rejected today, just as it was by the Jews of the first century, because people do not want their “world view” turned upside down.

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