Live a day at a time

“Give us this day our daily bread.” Matt. 6:11

So Jesus taught us to live one day at a time. As our days are, so will our strength be, provided we do not try to carry the past and the future. Each new day is a bit of eternity given for our use and joy.

It has never been ours before; it will never be ours again. It will not come back. No two days are alike; each has its duty, its good and evil, and its hope. If we look for the loveliness of life and the lovable-ness of people, it will be happy.

“Undress your soul at night, as you do your body,” said George Herbert. Drop your work, your worry, your weariness, your mistakes, your fears, as you do your garments.

Shut off the future too. When we try to live tomorrow before it comes, we wake up tired and unfit to face it. Morbid regret and futile fear ruin life. It is today lived intently, earnestly, that makes the future and fulfills the past. Continue reading

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A marvelous invention, the paragraph

The paragraph is a marvelous invention. Within a visual unit of words and sentences a principal idea is captured and featured. Over the centuries the size of paragraphs has shrunk, but some still protest over single-sentence blocks.

Not all prescriptions for paragraphs function in all types of writing. But everyone works with some definition and concept of the paragraph. Continue reading

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Fleshing out conversion

turn-signalWe hold half-formed ideas about many words. For some, conversion hides one of those nebulous meanings. Its basic meaning is turning or change.

Think of converting an automobile motor from gasoline into natural gas. In order to do what it could not before, some things have to be tinkered with. And what it did before, it does no longer. To convert it over is not a complicated process, but not anyone can do it.

Converting a soul from sin and self, from the world and the flesh, in order to know and serve God is not only a personal decision on the part of the person, but a job only the Creator can undertake. Continue reading

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Mind Renewal In a Mindless World

We live  in a society that is  not  tuned into  the  things of God.  The world we live in is in the control of Satan.  It is really a  “mindless society.”  Romans 12:1-2 tells Christians that we are  to be a  people of “mind renewal.”

Paul speaks to Christians when he tells us that because of our faith we  need to march to a  different  drum than the  world. As I said earlier, the world  marches to the  beat of the  deceiver.  He  is  called the  “god” of this  world, (2 Cor. 4:4) and “the  prince of the  power of the  air” (Eph. 2:2). It is  reasonable that we, because of our faith, present our  whole self to God. We  need to be a holy people (I Pet. 1:15-16).

We must not  let this  mindless society dictate how Christians  live.  We must always  be found  “renewing our minds.”  Most of the time when the  Bible  uses the  word “heart”  it means  “mind.”  It is in the  mind where we make decisions, both  for  good or  bad.  It is in the minds where we decide that we are  going to  serve Jesus. So, let’s be  transformed, believing and  knowing that if we follow God and seek to be  conformed to  the image of Jesus (Rom. 8:29),  we will let  our  light  shine for Jesus!

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Every few months I go through a slew of WordPress themes to see what’s out there and consider renewal of one or more of my websites. Often seems a waste of time, why not stick with the old and tried and true? But like my mother who had to rearrange the living room furniture every few months, I get the urge to swap posts and sidebars around and change the colors and try a new scheme.

Our faith should get unsettled, too, with staying the same. Improvement, growth, maturation, are all high concepts in Scripture. Sometimes it seems we might get bent out of shape for nothing, as we rework spots and corners, walls and floors, but for a soul with Christ in view, the furniture and rooms begin to get old at certain points.

Renewal of our faith, then, is a good thing.

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