Bad assumption about transferability

Earlier today, I documented one case, among many I’ve seen over the years, of using denominational data applied directly, without discrimination, to the Lord’s church.

This use fails to think through the implications, the first of which is that the creeds, hierarchies, authoritarianism, and falsehoods in the denominations do not affect results of research data, which are applied without criteria to the church of God.

If as we say, and as Sesame Street teaches, that one thing (the church) is not like the others (denominations), then we should refrain from using their data indiscriminately for application to the church.

For by such use, especially in the case of negative results, we are implying that the church is also guilty of their errors.

My latest example can be found here.

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Recent eye opening research conducted by the CDC…

Recent eye-opening research conducted by the CDC and National Center for Health stands the Gay Pride movement on its head, redefining conventional wisdom regarding homosexuality. Rather than supporting the claim by gays that they are genetically predetermined in their homosexual orientation, the study shows that overwhelmingly for both men and women who report same sex activity that it is a passing phase or fleeting episode of experimentation. The percentage of those engaging in homosexuality is greatest among teens and twenty-somethings but quickly declines to around 1% by age 35. I’m not surprised by youth’s experimentation – the Prodigal Son left for the far country and experimented with its wares until he came to himself and returned to his father. This is Just-A-Minute with Ed Boggess

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Loosing Track Of Time

I lose track of time when I’m doing research for an upcoming Bible study article as well as the writing of an article. The time really does fly when you’re really involved and concentrating on getting a Bible study article posted.

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Relationships – JAM

A July Tennessean article was titled: “Close ties with others may boost longevity”. The article summarized the latest findings of researchers that show family and friend relationships has as much to do with good health and long life than not smoking or saying no to drugs. The research reviewed 148 studies that involved a third of a million people and consistently found that those of us with close relationships are 50% more likely to enjoy long life. The fact is God created us for community, for relationships. After making Adam God declared, “It is not good that man should be alone.” God made Eve and instituted the first marriage. The NT church is much about relationships. The church is a family with God as the Father and Christians as brothers and sisters. This is Just-A-Minute with Ed Boggess

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