December 2017 Issue of Christian Worker (David: The Man After God’s Own Heart – Part 3)

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Here are the topics you will find:

  • The Lord’s Anointed (Jason Jackson)
  • David: The Man After God’s Own Heart (Cody Westbrook)
  • David and Uzzah (Don Walker)
  • Saul vs. David (Ken Hope)
  • The Son of David (Clay Bond)

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If people only treated the day like the way

No matter how the plain the Bible is (Mark 13:32), there are some who still try to predict the day of Jesus’ return. If they would only treat the day like they do the way!

What do I mean by such? Well, have you ever heard anyone try to teach that Jesus Continue reading

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The Example of Jesus

From a series of key words and studies for youth, by Mike Glenn

Hi everyone. God says it… that settles it! Our slogan rings with the truth that whether it is a command, an exhortation, or simply a statement from God, we must give it the fullest respect or obedience possible. Our memory verse this next week is John 14:15. Today’s text for study is Phil. 2:1-11. We will pay particular attention to the example that Christ set in respecting the authority of God.

It is not demeaning to be under someone. Everyone is under someone. Christ was equal with God according to our text (v. 6). Yet, out of his love for us he gave up that equality and “made himself of no reputation.” He placed himself under the Father (1 Cor. 15:27). Yet, Christ is not demeaned for his sacrifice and willingness to be under the authority of God. Rather, even among non-Christians, he is considered the best man who ever walked the earth. Yet, there can be no doubt he was also the most submissive to the Father’s authority. Sometimes others try to demean us when we respect authority. Kids may call their friends sissies, teacher’s pet, mamma’s boy when those kids choose to honor authority rather than rebel. Even among adults pressure in the form or ridicule or anger is brought in order to get someone to disrespect authority.

Humility is essential in respecting authority. The scripture says that Jesus humbled himself (v. 8). Without humility we might tend to think that we deserve to be our own authority. This is the way most in world act. Such a feeling would cause us to chaff under authority or even rebel against authority. A study we will do later on about Korah will show this very attitude (Num. 16:1-17:13). One of the important ideas of respect for authority is to recognize that we need authority over us, especially God (Is. 55:8-9). Such an attitude will make us thankful for rule and guidance in our lives. We will appreciate those who have accepted that responsibility.

Respecting authority results in obedience to that authority. Verse 8 also says that Jesus became obedient even to death. We sometimes disobey God just because He asks us to go a little out of the way such as Mt. 5:16 would require. Jesus was obedient to death, but we have not yet resisted unto blood (Heb. 12:4).

Brothers and sisters, let’s respect the authority of God as did our Savior.

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