The Last True Evangelist

The last true evangelist that I’ve known who lived what he preached, was Brother Dan Gibson, who preached for our Montana Street congregation for approximately seven years. He has since retired, he and his wife moving to Conroe, Texas to be close to their children.

He and his wife Joy, are now members of the Longmire congregation, where he now preaches part time. He also oversees the congregation’s educational program, making sure that the materials used in their Bible classes, coincides with clear Bible teaching.

Brother Dan is truly a man of the Book. I love and miss he and his wife dearly. I call him every weekend to see how he and his wife are getting along healthwise (they are in their late 70’s). Such faithful preachers in the brotherhood, are few and far between (and getting fewer by the day).

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A Shattered Dream

My dream of being able to retire at 52 years of age, was shattered when the gas pipeline company with whom I was employed, laid off myself and 550 other employees in 1996. The cutoff date was twelve days before my 52nd birthday (they would have given me credit as if I were 55 years old).

So much for company loyalty to its employees.

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