Roy Davison: Jesus is the morning star!

Jesus is the Morning Star!

Articles have been added to my page in the Old Paths Archive in English and Dutch.

A new day is dawning! Continue reading

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Roy Davison: Take the sword of the Spirit!

God’s word is the sword of the Spirit!

Christians battle against false teaching and evils in the world using the sword of the Sprit, which is the word of God!

God’s word is the sword of the Spirit!

Gods woord is het zwaard van de Geest!

These 15 minute sermons in English and Dutch explain the importance of the word of God as the weapon a Christian must use in his struggle against evil.

May the Lord protect and empower us in the battle of life.

Roy Davison

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The Flesh is Weak

How God solves our greatest problem

*The Flesh is Weak*

New articles with audio have been installed in the Old Paths Archive on this topic.

“The flesh is weak”

“Het vlees is zwak”

We praise God with gratitude and awe for the solution He has provided for the weakness of our flesh. Redeemed and sanctified, we can look forward to the time when we can be with Him forever.

Roy Davison

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