Did not trust God to do amazing things: Psalm 78.32-33

“Despite all this, they continued to sin,
and did not trust [God] to do amazing things.
So he caused them to die unsatisfied
and filled with terror.”

Psalm 78.32-33

The Israelites had great evidence of God’s miraculous care for them, but they refused to believe that he would continue to do so in the future. Dissatisfied with God’s provisions, they died in the desert unsatisfied in every way.

God satisfies and meets his people’s needs. Let us trust him to care for us in his amazing providence and find our satisfaction in him.

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How to feel satisfied in God

On the little Bible group on GNUSocial, this morning I posted Psa 63.5: “I will be as satisfied as if I had eaten the best food there is. I will sing praise to [God] with my mouth” NIRV. Being satisfied in God is a great Bible theme. Humans rush in frantic activity to find satisfaction in the world, only to be increasingly frustrated. Zophar appears to have been right that the wicked “knows no satisfaction in his appetite” Job 20.20 NET. Continue reading

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Because of travel in the US, I missed my Forthright editorial this past Monday. When I had a small window open late in the day to write something—if I’d had a head for it—I decided instead to shoot hoops with my sons, whom I’ve not seen in months. Sometimes, work has to take a back seat.

• Carl Sims has produced a new personal evangelistic study, “Sowing the Seed.” Might be something you’d be interested in, with three lessons in a true-false format, and a “Supplemental Studies” sheet. If you don’t have resources to do an evangelistic study with someone, this would be a good option to have. Carl also teaches seminars that would be a good thing to check out. UPDATE: The site appears not to be active yet. Write to Carl at carlssims@gmail.com.

• I appreciate that Hugh Fulford doesn’t shy away today in his News and Views from the truth of relationship with Christ. Even though the truth is often abused, he brings it to the fore in proper perspective.

• From Saturday to Monday, The Missus and I made our first of many trips in these not-so-United States, down to Madison AL to talk with the missions committee and touch base with the brethren there. This follows on the heels of Bennie P. and Siegfried B.’s trip down to visit us in Brazil, from the same congregation, just the week before we came up. We appreciate their good efforts.

• I’ve lost count of the different airlines we’ve flown over the years, both American and foreign. (Won’t even attempt an estimate of the number of flights we’ve made.) But last week I think we flew a new one with U.S. Airways, coming through Charlotte NC. Their promotional price was the big attraction. Was another uneventful flight.

• Riddle me this: A psalmist, speaking of Zion (Jerusalem), said with apparent approval of the Holy Spirit, “your servants take delight in her stones” Psa 102.14 NET. So why did Jesus upbraid his disciples for pointing out the temple construction and tell them no stone would be left on top of another, Mt 24.1-2?

• God is he “who satisfies your life with good things” Psa 103.5. I underline phrases like this in my Bible. Maybe you don’t need such reminders, but I do. Zophar wasn’t much of a friend to suffering Job, but he got it right about the wicked when he said, “For he knows no satisfaction in his appetite; he does not let anything he desires escape”, Job 20.20. Dissatisfaction is a wicked attitude, be it Israel eating manna in the desert or saints murmuring about supposed lack of this or that in the most wealthy age ever. Do we fight against the sins of our age? Or just reflect them more subtly?

• Speaking of my Forthright editorials, week-before-last I wrote about a Brazilian evangelist who began a new work in a state capital untouched by the gospel, but lost 80% of his support. Guess who emails and sends money? Missionaries on two different continents. Can a heart be broken and touched at the same time?

• People have asked me what I think about “Duck Dynasty.” As if my opinion mattered.  But here is my reply in three words: Remember Pat Boone.

• Read Matthew 6 and then watch some TV. What is the programming about? Clothes. Food. Houses. Cars. Money. What shall we wear? What shall we eat? Where shall we live? How shall we get there? How shall we guarantee our security? Television is the epitome of paganism. “That’s what those people who don’t know God are always thinking about” Mt 6.32 ERV.

• Man and unconverted religious people live and judge by appearances. Even Jesus was judged by appearances, Jn 7.23-24. Those groups or churches which live by appearances have dress codes. Jesus and Peter condemned overdressing. When was the last time you heard a sermon about overdressing? The opposite of modesty is extravagance. This is not an argument for slovenliness, but simplicity.

But living by appearances goes beyond clothing. It has not only dress codes, but behavior codes that have little or nothing to do with Scripture. Such codes encompass use of time, manner of speech, types of sin to condemn or not, religious (in contrast to biblical) patterns to be upheld, human traditions, respect of persons. Conversions in such systems make children of hell, Mt 23.15, rather than children of heaven.

Father, may our faith be genuine, our practice be biblical, our motives be pure, our commitment be true. May we be satisfied with your presence, and you with our service.

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TFT: What completes your life?

E. Marsh, in his book, Pearls, Points, and Parables, included this incident:

“I asked a student what three things he most wished for. He said, ‘Give me books, health, and quiet, and I care for nothing more.’ I asked a miser, and he cried, ‘Money, money, money!’ I asked a pauper, and he faintly said, ‘Bread, bread, bread!’ I asked a drunkard, and he called loudly for strong drink. I asked the multitude around me, and they lifted up a confused cry, in which I heard the words, ‘Wealth, fame, and pleasure!’ Then I asked a poor man who bore the character of an experienced Christian. He replied that all he wished for could be met in Christ. He spoke seriously, and I asked him to explain. He said, ‘I greatly desire three things: first, that I may be found In Christ; second, that I may be like Christ; third that I may be with Christ.'”

(Col 2:10) And you are complete in Him, who is the head of all principality and power.

“Thoughts For Today to Brighten Your Day” by Glenn Hitchcock

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The Difference In Generations

The Nudge asks, “How is your life different from that of your parents?”

My life has experienced the following which my parents did not have to experience 50-80 years ago: Continue reading

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Success is peace of mind which is a dire…

Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming.

John Wooden, Head basketball coach for the UCLA Bruins

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On the Lord’s Day, I Was. . .at Home

Between lost internet connection for 5 days, tax prep for tax appointment for 3 days, then sick for 4 days and counting, I’ve not been able to post of late. I don’t remember missing church in years, but today I’m home. I think my temp is stabilizing, but coughing and sneezing linger so I was “encouraged” to stay home.

Class should be starting now. They will be finishing up Acts 20 and starting Acts 21. I won’t hear the different viewpoints, discussions and questions nor will I chime in with my thoughts.

One of our young men, a teen, will present the table talk this morning. His first time, I think, and I will miss it. I won’t enjoy the special fellowship of communion today. I will not be a part of the joint singing, prayers, and scripture reading of the assembly. I will miss what I’m sure will be another fine lesson from our preacher, Gary. I was handling this a lot better before I started writing!

How is it some can miss habitually, perhaps only showing up once or twice a month? Why doesn’t it bother them? Maybe, they just don’t think about it. Perhaps they’re not hungry or thirsty enough. Right now I’m ravenous. I feel deprived of my normal spiritual diet. Why don’t they?

What’s with those who operate on the periphery, who are never really involved? As I think of the folks at Eureka who are, at best, sporadic attenders, I’m trying to determine what they have in common besides the obvious factor of not attending regularly.

Are they more easily distracted, is it a lack of commitment to the Lord, or perhaps a simple lack of discipline? As I think of them, to a person, they are pleasant people. Yet one thing they have in common is biblical illiteracy. One in particular often questions God, which is fine, but when given a solid biblical answer, it never seems to satisfy. Maybe this idea of satisfaction is a key. God, for whatever reason, does not satisfy. Therefore, they continue to look for satisfaction in other places. Therefore, they are not driven to assemble with the saints.

I pray today you have found satisfaction in your God. I pray today you have studied, worshipped, and been challenged by a message from God’s Word. I pray today you have not taken for granted the great privilege of assembling with the saints.


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