When our children were growing up, we pu…

When our children were growing up, we purposefully did not make any plans to be out on Saturday evenings. The exception to that would be to attend a gospel meeting. We made sure clothes were ready, kids bathed and in bed at a decent time, and if I was teaching, all my class stuff assembled and ready to load in the car.

Even now we generally do not make plans for Saturday evenings (it’s not wise to be out after dark here any night of the week anyway, although we have to be from time to time). My Saturday preparations for the Lord’s Day are to iron clothes and have food on hand for Sunday. If we have a long drive we’ll bring lunch in the cooler, to eat on the way home. No fast food here. 🙂

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Any Preparation For Sunday?

What are my Saturday nights like? How about Saturday morning? Along with some other members of the Montana St. congregation, I’m preparing to go to our local Veteran’s Home this morning to give a devotional message to the residents there. Many times, there are more folks in attendance there than at the church building, so it’s rather refreshing to see so many older folks in attendance. We try to offer them a word of encouragement from the Lord’s Book, offer a couple of prayers, sing a couple of hymns, and then thank them for coming. It really brightens up their day as well as ours.

I also leave the residents copies of my devotional lesson, so they can study it along with their Bibles.

If I’m the preacher of the hour on Sunday, I usually study my already prepared lesson on Saturday afternoons, so that the message will be fresh on my mind. If I’m the song leader for the Sunday morning service, I always prepare my song list on Saturday afternoon as well. I’m a great believer in the Boy Scout motto “Be Prepared.”

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