Do not get swept away looking for signs

Some people are constantly looking for signs of the spiritual sort. They even do so when it comes to the return of Christ and the judgment that he will bring. But is looking for such signs worth our time?

Listen to this warning given by Jesus: Continue reading

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If people only treated the day like the way

No matter how the plain the Bible is (Mark 13:32), there are some who still try to predict the day of Jesus’ return. If they would only treat the day like they do the way!

What do I mean by such? Well, have you ever heard anyone try to teach that Jesus Continue reading

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The only thing getting left behind in the rapture is the scriptures

To believe in the rapture (per premillennial doctrine) you have to leave the scriptures behind.

Premillennialism teaches that Jesus’ rapturous return will be “silent”, but the scriptures teach that Jesus’ return will be anything but quiet: Continue reading

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The Last Days

By J. Randal Matheny © 2015

Grateful are we to live in the last days,
In the fullness of time, when Jesus Christ was born
Of a virgin, God in the flesh, when humble praise
Broke out among shepherds, the holy kingdom torn
From Israel, and given to those who’ll bear
The fruit of God. The days of mystery
Have ended. Now’s the reign of the true Heir,
The Seed of the Gospel. The kingdom’s key
Is offered to all. The call of the Lamb is strong,
He chimes the hour to watch. He bids take sides.
No neutral ground can be held—’tis right or wrong—
He brings a sword, the faith a house divides.
The lines are clear, shall we draw back and blur
The truth? Or speak because we love our Lord?
The priceless pearl is ours — shall we prefer
The home’s comforts, or the eternal reward?
The King returns! The Sovereign seeks his own!
The morning dawns, angelic trumpets ring!
We greet his appearing, in clouds, on cherub’s wing!
What glory to rise with him and see his throne!

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Hugh’s News & Views (The Second Coming . . .)


The second coming of Christ is an often discussed Bible subject. In spite of this, there is much misunderstanding and speculation about that glorious event. Following are some clear Bible facts about Christ’s second coming.

1. Christ, indeed, will come again. To His apostles He said, Continue reading

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The Bible ends with Jesus promising “Surely I…

The Bible ends with Jesus promising, “Surely I am coming quickly!” and John added, “Even so, come, Lord Jesus!” I must chime in with the apostle, “Lord, come, come now; the sooner, the better!” Surely, these are days like the days of Noah. No one can dispute that these are times like the times of Lot, Sodom and Gomorrah. So what did Jesus mean, “Surely, I am coming quickly!” Of course, it might mean soon. But it has been nearly two thousand years since he spoke, so that isn’t it. It can also mean, suddenly and unexpected. I believe that is what Jesus meant. When people are distracted with temptation and involved in sin, Jesus will come as a thief in the night. If Jesus wants all saved, then why come without warning? The answer is simple; to get a genuine reading of what we care about. The faithful steward is always prepared, day or night. This is Just-A-Minute.

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Have you ever heard of the Premillennialist Someone…

Have you ever heard of the Premillennialist? Someone says, what is that big word– Premillennialism? Well, “pre” means before; “millin”- means 1000 years; “ism” – means doctrine. It is the teaching that Jesus Christ is coming back to the earth, this one we are on right now, and he is going to rule in Palestine on David’s literal throne, a 1000 years. There are many people who believe this doctrine. It is not a true doctrine; it is false. There is no place in the Bible where it ever says that Jesus will set his foot back on this earth. In fact, contrary to this, the Bible says in 2 Peter 3:10-14, this earth will be done away with. Our Lord is reigning NOW–He is NOT going to reign. Matthew 28:18 says, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth.” Jesus is reigning NOW. This is Just-a-Minute

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