New book, God’s Cameos of Evidence

Sunset Institute Press has another new publication, “God’s Cameos of Evidence” by Leonard Gray. The book has 19 chapters and 119 pages.

This series of “God’s Cameo’s of Evidences” are actual sermons, printed just as they were preached, with occasional observations and comments to that audience. ‘Cameo’s’ may refer to a piece of jewelry, a pin or pendant of a famous person, place or thing. It can also be a brief appearance of a person or a fine bit of descriptive writing, and that is where we are in this collection of ‘God’s Cameos of Evidence’ in the Bible.

Leonard graduated from Abilene Christian College, Spent 17 years as a missionary in South Africa. Served as full-time instructor on the original staff of the White’s Ferry Road School of Preaching, and Director of their “Christ the Hope of the World” lectureship. He also served as Director of the Bear Valley School of Biblical Studies in Denver, Colorado.

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Thanks, Jerry D. Pruitt, External Studies, Sunset International Bible Institute

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