1 Bulletin with 3 articles worth reading

Here’s a link to a PDF of a bulletin from a sister congregation in a neighboring county.

The bulletin contains three articles with titles: Well-Scrubbed Individuals, Who Are Our Real Heroes, and The Tongue is Ugly….

All three of these articles are doctrinally sound, they are very practical in nature, and to top it off they are manageable in length. So in other words, the articles hit the “bulletin-trifecta” as far as I am concerned. All of them work great for personal edification, for sharing with others, or for devotional thoughts/sermon ideas (that last one is for those of you who can use one of those every now and then).

Hope you find these articles to be as beneficial as I did.

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Sermon Fodder

Need some fodder that can lead to a sermon idea?

How about this:

A tender heart leads to a tinder heart.

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What Jesus doesn’t teach about the judgment

This is my sermon idea for Sunday in Taubate, about several things that Jesus’ judgment passage in Matt. 25.31-46 doesn’t teach. Rarely do I go on the negative like this, but this passage is so maligned and misused, and after I got into it, I thought my hearers might find it a novel approach from what I usually do. Of course, after each point, I’ll state what it is teaching and make application.

  1. What will happen in the so-called millenium;
  2. That the church should begin social programs;
  3. That we can earn salvation through good works.

If I can get all this fleshed out and then translated, I’ll post it on my website. So consider this either a teaser, or, lacking the future article, seeds for the sower.

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