New site for sermon and class outlines

You might be interested in a new website for outlines, ideas, and seeds for sermons and Bible classes, with a different twist, called Sermon Lines. So far, an introduction and an outline have been posted.

Disclosure: I am, er, involved in this particular site.

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Mother’s Day sermon: ‘Because I said so’


This was our lesson last Sunday for Mother’s Day in outline form.

John Henson
Grand Blanc Church of Christ
4028 E. Hill Rd.
Grand Blanc, MI 48439

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Use of Roman numerals in (sermon) outlines

Does anybody use Roman numerals in outlines any more, for sermons or for school papers? (Do schools or colleges require papers any more?)

Seems like, on the web anyway, they’ve gone out of style, like the KJV. I’m happy to see them go, I think. But it does give one less option for distinguishing subpoints.

I was thinking about this as I saw an outline today, and it reminded me that does away with the numbered, lettered outline altogether, for an organic approach. Now that’s a new species altogether!

So do you do Roman numerals still? (Can anybody still count in Roman numerals? In Latin?)


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How to end a letter in a great way: 1 Thessalonians 5.12-28

Here’s an outline for 1 Thessalonians 5.12-28, significantly adapted for English, that I’ve been using the last couple of weeks in our Sunday Bible study in Taubaté. An amazing close to this letter which may well be the first document of the New Testament to have been written. The version used here is the NET Bible.

  1. Christian workers and Christian work (12-15).
    At the same time that Paul wants us to honor Christian workers (vv. 12-13, with three honors by the saints [acknowledge, preside, be at peace], matching three activities of the workers [labor, preside, admonish]), he reminds us, with action verbs (admonish, comfort, help, be patient, pursue), that the work of Christ belongs to all (v. 14-15). The two facets of the section are marked by the similar phrases: “we ask you, brothers and sisters” (v. 12) and “we urge you, brothers and sisters” (v. 14).
  2. Eight final imperatives (vv. 16-22).
    Paul gives eight “rapid-fire commands”/1 as he crowds in his last counsels. Three blanket words (always, constantly, everything) on performing the will of God (vv. 16-18) lead to five means of preserving the truth of God (vv. 19-22). The first three deal with right disposition, or attitudes, the second five, with right doctrine, or teaching.
  3. Final prayer (vv. 23-24).
    Paul closes with a prayer (as he has closed each major section of the letter) for peace, purity, and preservation (v. 23), a prayer that he knows God will answer (v. 24).
  4. Goodbye (vv. 25-28).
    a. Paul’s request for prayer shows the reciprocity (“one another”) of the kingdom (v. 25).
    b. A holy greeting to all shows the reality, or genuineness, of our kingdom relationships (v. 26).
    c. Reading the letter to all shows the responsibility of the kingdom’s subjects (v. 27).
    d. Ending the letter with the same grace mentioned at the beginning shows the resources of the kingdom (v. 28).

1/ V. M. Smiles, “The First Letter to the Thessalonians,” in David Durkin, ed., New Collegeville Bible Commentary: NT (Collegeville, MN: Liturgical Press, 2008): 665.

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A Faithful Servant & His Faithful Lord

MackvilleChurchI  preached this  message on  Sunday, March 17, 2013 at Mackville Church of Christ in Mackville, KY.  I also preached it  at CherryStreet Church of Christ in New Albany, IN that night

A Faithful Servant  (PDF)

Audio of message


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Short Sermon Outline for Genesis 3

I found this short outline the other day while cleaning out my work truck. I honestly don’t know if I heard this somewhere or if it’s one I made from scratch because I often find old idea “scratchings” that I’ve written down on little pieces of paper all over the place. It’s only a very short and rough outline but I think you should be able to apply the verses and the needed information to make it a full sermon or class outline.

The “Fall” in the Garden:

Adam and Eve Fell for it (The Lie)

Adam and Eve Fell in it (The Snare)

Adam and Eve Fell from it (The Relationship)

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Sermon after Aurora shooting

Neal Pollard mentioned on the Forthright Radio podcast yesterday, and posted on Facebook as well, his changed sermon for this morning, as he wrote, to “address a shaken Denver-area community:”

“Getting From Dark Night To Bright Morning”

Text: Heb. 6:11-19


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