A sermon, in many churches, is just a word of encouragement relative to the daily struggles in life. It is the opinion of some that since people struggle with various things throughout the week, the last thing one wants to hear is an exhortation to shaping one’s life in accordance with godly standards. This sounds too hard, and enough negativity has already occurred for the saints, that another negative is not desired, much less will it be heard. This, I suggest, was why Israel departed from the Lord’s way many years ago. Consider Deuteronomy 28. There are 68 verses in the chapter, and only 14 can be considered positive, or encouraging. Why did the Lord put this kind of “out of balance” on His exhortations? It was a warning, but it was also a prophecy (31:29). Godly sermons are to focus on godly exhortations that have both a positive and negative quality to them. When the Lord said something about marriage and divorce, the saints are to hear what the Lord said and be warned. When the Lord said something about the promise of heaven, the saints are to hear and be encouraged. Let us preach and insist on only biblical sermons.

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A Nashville woman once told me Brother…

A Nashville woman once told me, “Brother So-and-so is my favorite preacher; he is such a good story teller.” It was Spurgeon who said illustrations in a sermon are like windows, but a sermon should not be all windows. A good story helps at times, but I’ve heard sermons that were built several stories too high. With Jesus, every parable had a point and the point was made to pierce complacent consciences and prick sin-hardened hearts. Today, every story has another. Preachers rise and stand before half-empty pews and parrot pious phrases and repeat revised refrains until the time is up, the money collected, and the sleepers awake. What is needed today is not another storyteller, but a man with a soul-piercing, Christ-centered, heaven-sent message from God. This is Just-a-Minute

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Giving Away Four Tapes of Preaching by Andrew Connally

I have four different tapes (yes, the VHS kind) filled with sermons preached by Andrew Connally during various lectureships and I’m looking to unload them if someone can put them to good use. You can take one or all four if you like.

The first tape contains the topics of:

  • Hell
  • The Challenge of Matthew 19:9
  • The Challenge of Developing Teenagers as God Would Have Them
  • Matthew 16
  • Paul’s Mode of Preaching and Practice (1 Thessalonians 2:1-12)
  • 1 Corinthians 1:10 – God’s Plan for Solving Problems
  • 1 Corinthians 1:21 – God’s Plan for Evangelism
  • 1 Corinthians 3:1-9 – Is God Pleased When We Fail to Grow?

The second tape contains the topics of:

  • Worldliness in the Church
  • How to Build a Strong Church
  • An Exposition of Revelation Twenty
  • The Spirit of Compromise
  • In the Strength of His Might
  • I Came to Cast Fire on the Earth
  • Freedom Through Repentance
  • Mightily Grew the Word of God and Prevailed

The third tape contains the topics of:

  • Joseph, the Optimist Who Sorrow was Turned to Joy
  • Book of Joshua
  • Book of Joshua
  • Book of Joshua
  • Book of Zephaniah
  • God is Not the Source of Evil, but of Good (James 1:13-18)
  • The Inspiration of the Bible
  • The Words Which I Have Spoken Shall Judge You

The fourth tape contains the topics of:

  • Will Your Children go to Heaven
  • The Kind of Preaching Jesus Wants
  • The Judgment and the Great Invitation (Matthew 11)
  • The Family as God Would Have It
  • Knowledge of Faith
  • Book of 1 John
  • Book 2 John
  • Book of 3 John

I’ll keep these around for a few weeks incase someone takes the offer, so if you’re interested leave a reply.

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Wilma Cain’s Sermon

The other day I was sitting in front of the box-fan cooling down after exercising. As I was sitting I looked up at the table (in the Cain Room) and took down the Bible beside the bed, opened it up, and look at the inside front cover. Inside the front cover were notes Wilma Cain made concerning what makes a pure church. Let me share those with you.

1. Let every member be consecrated to God—1 Peter 2:9-10

2. Let every disciple separate from all sin—2 Timothy 2:19

3. Let every evangelist condemn sin wherever found—2 Timothy 4:1-2

4. Let elders exercise discipline against all who sin—2 Thessalonians 3:6

5. Let every congregation correct all wrongs—1 Corinthians 5:7

6. Let all study to gain better understanding of the Word—Ephesians 4:17-18

7. Let Christians remember that all sin is excluded from heaven—Revelation 22:15

8. [The] Bible contains all things desirable for man—Abe Lincoln.

I do not know how old the writing is inside the front cover of the Bible is, but I do know the date that Bert (her husband) gave her this particular Bible (12.25.1943).

Many of you remember Wilma for the great lady she was (in my biased opinion), and it was the case that every now and again she would give me her opinion on some varied thing—even when I did not ask! If she lived in accordance with the words above—and there is no reason to think she did not—then she would have made a great contribution to the Lord’s church, and the sermon (or Bible class) from which she learned this is a good sermon for her to preach to us today. RT

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Sermon Outline – Would You Look At That?

Here’s a bare bones sermon outline based off a commonly used saying that I plan on preaching sometime in the future, Lord willing that is. Give it a look and see what you think:

Would You Look At That?

There are some things the Bible encourages us to not look at, but at the same time there are some things it encourages us to look at. Here are just a few:

We are to look at the things that are not seen (2 Corinthians 4:18)

We are to look out for things beneficial to others (Philippians 2:4)

We are to look for the return of Christ (Titus 2:13; Hebrews 9:28)

We are to look into the Law of liberty (James 1:25)

We are to look for new heavens and earth (2 Peter 2:13)

We are to look inward (2 John 8)

There are other verses in the Bible that follow this theme so there’s plenty of room and opportunity to add and to take away from the references given. And besides this outline, you can make another one by doing just the opposite and looking up the things that I mentioned when it comes to the Bible and things we’re encouraged to not look at.

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Sermon Starter from Ecclesiastes

“Truly the light is sweet, And it is pleasant for the eyes to behold the sun; But if a man lives many years And rejoices in them all, Yet let him remember the days of darkness, For they will be many. All that is coming is vanity” (Ecclesiastes 11:7-8). 


A. Lay out the purpose of Ecclesiastes.

B. Trace the role of the sun in Ecclesiastes.

Three Points:

1. Christians should value the blessings of walking in the light (John 8:12; 1 John 1:7; Ephesians 1:3).

2. Christians should remember the lessons of the darkness [when we have sinned & come through challenges by God’s grace and mercy] (Romans 12:1-2).

3. Christians should be preparing for the future and be ready for judgment (Revelation 20:11-15).

I will leave the rest to you.

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Sermon on the Apostles

In August, I preached on a lectureship in Hinesville, Georgia on the subject of, “What is an Apostle?” I covered the meaning of the Greek term, looked at Jesus as an apostle and made application to us today in the Great Commission.

The Hinesville congregation has been so kind to put our lessons online. If you have any interest in hearing me preach, you can follow this link and hear my lesson. I pray you are edified, as a result.

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