Rising Joy by Vicki Matheny

The Lord rescues his servants; all who take shelter in him escape punishment. Psalm 34.22

Have you ever been out walking when you were suddenly caught in a downpour? What is the first thing that you try to find? You look for somewhere that you might get away from the rain before you get soaked to the skin.

There is a place of shelter that every man and woman should seek out. It is the shelter provided by the Lord. In the Lord, we have protection from the punishment of being stained with sin. He has provided everything that is needed in Jesus Christ. You only have to meet the conditions of obedience to be able to have the protection from the eternal consequences of your sins. Jesus paid the price for all when he died on the cross. However, not everyone will accept his grace and redemption when it is offered to them. Only by accepting it, can you receive it.

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Full of positive thoughts

Rising Joy, by Vicki Matheny

But may all who take shelter in you be happy! May they continually shout for joy! Shelter them so that those who are loyal to you may rejoice! Psalm 5.11

This psalm was written by David who was once king of Israel. One of the meanings of to “take shelter” is to go somewhere for cover or protection from danger or bad weather. The life of David was turbulent many times, but almost without exception, we can read of his trust in God to see him through the difficult times.

This verse is full of positive thoughts. We can be happy when we take shelter in the Lord. This does not mean that bad things will not happen. Even David experienced many bad things in his life. But in the midst of the trial, our soul is protected and secure. It brings a joy to our lives that is continuous. David asks that God shelter those who are loyal to him so that they may rejoice. God is our protection. It is a protection that brings joy to the heart!

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Meaningful description of God

The heat here in recent weeks has been brutal. The sun beats down on the head. I’ve used it recently, so I guess it’s meaningful to me, when there are days that it’s hard to breathe, the skin is clammy, the body lacks energy. To speak of the wings of God providing shade and shelter is a wonderful relief to the heart.

How precious is your loyal love, O God! The human race finds shelter under your wings (Psa. 36:7 NET).

That wing of shelter serves as a metaphor, it appears, for protection from enemies. Here’s the NASV Study Bible, on “shadow” in Psa. 17:8:

A conventional Hebrew metaphor for protection against oppression — as shade protects from the oppressive heat of the hot desert sun. Kings were spoken of as the “shade” of those dependent on them for protection (as in Num 14:9, “protection” — lit. “shade”; Lam 4:20; Ezek 31:6, 12, 17). Similarly, the Lord is the protective “shade” of his people (see 91:1; 121: 5; Is 25:4; 49:2; 51:16).

And on the word “wings,” in the same entry it says is a “[m]etaphor for the protective outreach of God’s power …”

I have known that protection as well.

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