Call for the elders

The words of James are that when one is sick, let that one call for the elders of the church and let the elders “pray over him.” This is a passage that has prompted discussion over the years. The discussion goes something like this: Is this miraculous, what is the oil for, are the elders still to come and pray, can the elders pray together in a different location, etc. All these questions might be useful for thoughtful discussion, but will the point be missed in these thoughtful discussions?

Calling for the elders of the church to pray over a person who is sick (a brother) is a good thing and I can hardly see how it can ever be a bad or neutral thing. If it is not miraculous what benefit will result? Consider: the prayers of those who desire the Lord’s relief of affliction will make their way “upward.” The Lord, who hears all, will grant according to His will and He deems needful. The one prayed for is receiving attention from spiritual leaders and this has a soothing quality associated with it. The ones leading in prayer know the seriousness of the request and with that knowledge appeal to the Lord of all.

Call for the elders. If they resist, then perhaps there is a need to pray for them.

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Announcement Procedure

At the Montana Street congregation, one of our elders presents the announcements right before the last song of the service is sung.

The announcements consists of the following:

1) A prayer list of those members who are ill, in the hospital, or homebound.
2) An announcement regarding our monthly luncheon on the first Sunday of every month.
3) The Bible Question Of The Week.
4) A list of the members who have birthdays or anniversaries during the month.
5) Any area-wide congregational singing.
6) Any area-wide gospel meeting.
7) Needed grocery items for the food pantry.

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My greatest joy of late is renewed healt…

My greatest joy of late is renewed health after being sick for much of 2009.

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