Good website for biblical articles in English and Spanish

For a no-where-close-to-fluent Spanish speaker, one of the challenges to finding good biblical articles in Española is being able to understand what you’re reading before you print it out and pass it along to others. Other than using Google-translate (which has its flaws) or having an actual translator near-by (which is not readily available in my case) there aren’t a lot of options that I have been able to find … until now. Continue reading

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Spanish speakers?

Hola. My oldest son is interested in learning some Spanish. We’re trying a free 7-day trial of “Tell Me More” Spanish. It got high reviews on a couple blogs. Rosetta Stone gets some good reviews, too.

Any of the fellows Spanish speakers? Any of you used any Spanish language training tools? Just curious. Any advice would be appreciated. I’ll probably buy a program of some sort that can be used for all of our boys in time. I’m interested in learning some, too.