Whoever speaks

“Whoever speaks, let it be with God’s words.”

1 Peter 4.11 a

Saints live in the shadow of the end, v. 7. Love and hospitality must continue to be central, vv. 8-9. End times requires judicious use of gifts, v. 10. Only God’s words save, so they must be spoken, rather than man’s, for his glory, v. 12.

Do I know the Bible well enough to speak God’s words? Do I seek opportunity to insert his words into conversations? Do I initiate moments for speaking his words?

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Secular tip that has a spiritual use – be friendly, but clear

Here’s tip #1, #2 and #3.

In this 4th, and final, tip there is the idea of balance when it comes to the delivery of God’s word by the preacher (or anyone teaching).

Tip #4 is simply: Be friendly, but be clear Continue reading

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                No man ever spoke like Jesus, it was declared. His word penetrated to the very essence of a person. Those who lived during the time He lived had come to recognize this (John 7:46), and those who take time to understand what the New Testament says about Him will quickly come to the same conclusion.

What was it about that which Jesus said that was so significant and challenging to the people of His day? First, He was one who spoke with authority (Matthew 8:27). When the Lord spoke it was not only those who had ears that were hearing, but the elements of this world were also hearing Him. The wind, the rain, the snow, and the heat play such an important role in the life of man, but they were controlled by Him who spoke with authority. Second, He spoke with conviction. By this I mean that He spoke with knowledge concerning His mission and message. Jesus came to seek and save that which was lost (Luke 19:10). This pertains only to people; those who have the ability to hear and understand, but make choices that are contrary to the Lord’s way—these are the ones Jesus came to seek and save (Romans 3:23; 6:23). His conviction was not only with regard to His knowledge concerning His own mission, but that message He spoke convicted the many who heard Him. The responses were varied, but there was a response (Matthew 9:22; John 7:45-52). Third, He spoke with compassion (Matthew 9:36-38). Compassion is related to understanding unfortunate circumstances another might be experiencing and then trying to assist in offering some sort of reprieve from it. In the passage referenced Jesus took notice that those who were in unfortunate circumstances were in actual need of a shepherd. As they were in need, we are also in need—and our shepherd is the “chief shepherd” (1 Peter 5:4).

A thoughtful person can’t help but to take notice that there was (and is) no man who ever spoke like Jesus. His words were not just words of wisdom, but the message He spoke was a message that took one from this worldly realm and transported him into a heavenly realm (John 8:31-32). I think I will listen to Jesus. RT

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Would you dare?

Would you dare to live and speak as the apostle Paul? To live as the apostle Paul might be a bit much for some (he was a single man), but living a righteous life as he did is surely within the grasp of each. Would you speak as the apostle Paul spoke (Romans 15:18)? He made it a point to say only those things the Lord Jesus authorized him to say. What would this demand of you if you were to speak as Paul spoke? If you spoke as Paul spoke, what would you say about women preachers? If you spoke as Paul spoke, what would you say about infant baptism? If you spoke at Paul spoke, what would you say about the “head” of the church? The only ex cathedra for the church is Scripture – would you speak as Paul spoke on such topics? Would you dare speak as Paul spoke? RT

p.s. It looks like we will be shut down a couple-three days. there is nothing like global warming’s bitter cold and ice!

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I have discussed my health situation here before. I don’t know why for certain, but since I have been on crutches, and preaching/teaching from a stool or a chair, I think I have actually gotten better as a speaker.

My wife thinks that it may be because I am more focused. I think that is the only explanation. If I ever get off of these crutches, I will have to learn from this and grow.  We need to always seek to improve and grow in everything we do.

By the way, thanks for your prayers.

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