The first article on women in Corinthians is here.

Later in this epistle, Paul plainly state that in the assembly the women are not to speak, but they are to keep silent (14:34-35). This has caused no small controversy in today’s environment. In fact, there are many men and women who reject outright what the Holy Spirit said through the apostle Paul.

What are we to understand in the context?

First, starting in v. 26, Paul speaks with regard to them “coming together.” This is an occasion for the church in Corinth to assemble. Second, there is something relative to this assembly that allows the exercise of the supernatural gifts of God to be utilized (14:26-31). Third, the gifts of God can be controlled by the one (or the ones) who have them (14:32). Fourth, that which is done is to be done decently and in order (14:32-33). Fifth, in this context, the women are to keep silent, that is, they are not authorized by the Holy Spirit to teach. The next verse (14:35) is difficult, but I think the idea is along this line: since the assembly is gathered together, and there is teaching done, it might be that the wife/woman does not understand what is being said/taught. In this context, rather than disrupting the assembly (how this would be done is unstated), she is to speak with her husband about it at home.

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Where talent lies

Teaching, says my wife, is my best gift. She usually says this after a sermon of mine.

A friend some years back told me, after listening to a lesson of mine, that writing was my talent.

So I get the feeling that my talent is what I’m not doing right then. 🙂

Seriously, the Lord has given me several gifts. I seek to use them for his honor. The ego would snatch them for its own glory. But the Lord knows how to knock the ego down to size.

Teaching and writing, then, with a bit of editing and some encouraging thrown in. Glory to God!

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