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This past weekend, Jan and I were in Memphis, Tennessee to attend the opening day of the 2014 Spiritual Sword Lectures, hosted by the Getwell Church of Christ. Specifically and more especially, we were there to attend an Appreciation Luncheon for our longtime friend, Alan E. Highers, in honor of his twenty-five years as editor of The Spiritual Sword journal. Continue reading

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Keeping Our Readers in Mind

As a writer and editor, I always need to have my audience in mind when I write, design, select photos and create titles. What can best serve the reader while maintaining the integrity of the message?

That is always a challenge. If there is something about our product that turns readers/viewers away, we must eradicate it immediately and arrive at a better design.

With that in mind, I wonder how many people have stopped reading the “Spiritual Sword” because they can no longer see the microscopic print. I admit I have a hard time seeing it and it requires a lot of work to make it through such a large issue.  I expect the font is so small to keep printing costs low. But, that must be weighed against losing readers. I guess I can stop reading it or get a magnifier.

Randal and I always want your input about Forthright — what you like and do not like. Your input is like gold to us. We maintain the site but it exists for you. Therefore, you always need to be in the equation.

As always thank you for your patronage of Forthright and at the Fellowship Room.

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Friday Sundries

Our American visitor Wednesday night, after our Bible reading, tried a popular snack made from manioc flour, biscoito de povilho. “Very, very crunchy,” he said, not very, very impressed. I’m going to give one to our visiting elder who arrives Saturday.

Summer has arrived, with high temps in recent days. I didn’t see any reports, but felt it in my skin (Is that good English? It’s good Portuguese: senti na pele), as the heat seared the roof. A cool (can’t call it cold) front moved in at nightfall and brought us a refreshing rain. The Maiden set up our Christmas tree last week while we were away, and the ceiling fans are going full strength. Some find that weird, but it’s old hat to us now.

When I was a kid in the 70s, my dad had an album of Charley Pride. Somebody posted one of his songs on Facebook today, so I took time out and listened. Suddenly, I was transported back a few decades. And it inspired the start of some lyrics, which I could hear Mr. Pride singing in my mind.

Yesterday, a friend and I exchanged a series of emails. She’s now living in Europe. At one point, I mentioned that every person has his issues and limitations. She said she hadn’t seen any in me. That’s only because she hasn’t been near me enough, long enough. But we all do, you know. Growth in Christ means we keep cutting off these hydra-heads, but they will pop back up for a long time, maybe for a lifetime. Continue reading

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