Restoration in Africa

Dear Ron

How are you, your family and the saints at Sullivan church doing? I am pleased to inform you that our University has satisfied all the conditions to merit a permanent license from the National Universities Commission. We have passed the probation stage. Thank you for your prayers and support for this work.

I have attached a copy of the letter from the Commission here.

There is a question some one asked me and I could not deal with it satisfactorily. Will the church in our age or oncoming age restore the church fully before Christ comes? It will be a pleasure to hear from you. Greet the saints there for us. We plan to leave for Nigeria, the Lord willing at the end of this month.

In Christ
Here is my reply to him:

Moses, Thank you, brother for the information. It is great to hear and it is great that the work is going that good for recognition.

With regard to the question, it is my view that the structure of the church is clearly restored. That is, the NT order of elders, deacons, and the various members of the church carrying their load to serves the Lord in the congregational setting. If a congregation is fortunate enough to have a preacher who works alongside the members, then that is all the better (a lot like Paul left Titus in Crete or Timothy in Ephesus).

Now, if there is a compromise of NT teaching, then to that degree (or point) there is no proper restoring taking place.

In another respect, with regard to the life of the individual saint, there will always be a “work in progress” with regard to restoring NT Christianity (cf. 1 Peter 2:21-25). Along this line, we all rely on the Lord’s mercy to make up the difference (for we lack much) when He returns.

I hope this helps, brother. If I can be of any further help, I will be at the ready to serve you.
Have a great day, brother!

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Quaking mountains, swaying hills

The Scripture for today, April 24, is Jeremiah 4:24 as found in the Old Testament of the Bible:

“I looked at the mountains and they were quaking, all the hills were swaying.”

We have expressions that something is “as eternal as the mountains” or “as old as the hills”. Perhaps earthquakes are a good reminder to us that nothing on earth is eternal. That also includes things, people, power, position, belongings. Eventually they quake and sway and are gone. Only that which is spiritual is forever.

Mum Katheryn Haddad

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David Kinnaman author of You Lost Me a…

David Kinnaman, author of You Lost Me, a book on young adults drift away from church and president of Barna Group, a Christian research firm, says, “Jesus is getting lost in the data stream” among our youngest adults. Instead of followers of Jesus, they are followers of 5000 unseen unmet friends on Facebook and Twitter. He estimates 70% of young adults lack religious or spiritual influence. They are so focused on the here and now that they never pause for a here-after. For them the Almighty is off the radar and an eternity somewhere is shoved aside by mortgages, tailgating and texting. But just as this developing phenomena concerns us all, let us remember that those trained in the way of the Lord, will return to it when they are old. This is Just-A-Minute

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What is the fastest growing religious group in…

What is the fastest growing religious group in the US? It is the “nones”, those with no religious affiliation. Since 1960 mainstream denominations have lost a full one third of their members. Evangelical churches are losing members too. In fact 75% of young American adults aged 18 to 29 identify themselves as “spiritual but not religious”. With this has come a steep decline in Bible study and a weakening of traditional Christian morality and teaching. The home and family have taken it on the chin while homosexuality and same-sex marriage have increased support. Unless we return to the Bible and open our ears to what God has to say, this trend will continue and increase. This is Just-A-Minute

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What Lies Behind the Materialism of Christmas?

Christmas is a time of peace on earth and good will toward men. Or so we are told.

Rather, in our modern day, it is a time of insane commercialism and insatiable greed. We spend all of our money for gifts and fight on, tossing future earnings, plus interest, into the melee. All of this to buy gifts for our loved ones, no matter the cost or physical harm that may come to our bodies.

I wonder why we never pause, reflect and ask why. Why do we damage our health and finances to find the perfect toys or electronics? What lies behind our behavior?

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TV & spirituality – JAM

Television programmers either respond to public interests and trends or lose percentage points in the ever important ratings. Have you noticed the production of  programs with spiritual overtones or context in the last several years? Touched by an Angel, It’s a Miracle, and Beyond Chance, for example. In addition, there have been several specials like Moyers’ Genesis and Hugh Hewitt’s Searching for God in America. Twenty-five years ago you would never have seen such shows. The programmers are simply responding to a trend that has developed the last decade – a genuine searching for spirituality. Man is both body and spirit and as the body needs food, the spirit needs God. This is Just-A-Minute with Ed Boggess

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Spirituality – JAM

In 1996 the Yankelovich Group surveyed attendees of the American Academy of Family Physicians’ annual meeting and they discovered, quote, “a remarkable 99 percent of them thought religious faith helps patients respond to treatment.” Spirituality helps you keep fit physically. Why? Because man is more than flesh and fiber, blood and bones, cartilage and corpuscles. Man is also spirit. While this cannot be proven scientifically, both scientists and physicians are admitting it is true and turning toward more spirituality in their lives. This is Just-A-Minute with Ed Boggess

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