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The modern view of spirituality is reflected in this quote pulled from a fellow’s blog: “Whether we believe in God is not relevant in honest spirituality.”

On the contrary, honest spirituality comes from faith in God and recognizing that he is Sovereign and Savior. It is not an amorphous body of inner meditation, but a mind centered on Jesus the Christ, based on the facts of the eternal purpose.

If there is no God, spirituality is but another name for the physical firing of neurons that have no meaning and lead to nowhere.

The New Testament provides wonderful descriptions of who and what is spiritual. We do well to ponder and understand them so that spirituality becomes a true facet of our relationship with the God who is the great I-AM.


‘Alcohol removed me from my life’

This short article about alcohol from a non-religious perspective deserves much attention.

Alcohol removed me from my life and I removed alcohol so I can show up for my life.

These are things a Christian knows, and more. It’s good to hear it for once from someone on the outside who recognizes that alcohol adds nothing to your life — on the contrary, it takes away.

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Short exhortations

You might be interested in this short exhortation on wanting heaven for yourself and for others:

It’s a part of a series, called “O Soul,” that you just might see published later this year in a little bitty book.

It’s spiritual self-talk that I need to hear. I pray it speaks to you as well.

If you want, you can sign up to the site for them, but you’ll get other micro-posts as well. Just be aware of that.

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Encouragement Note: January 2018, Spiritual Tuneup

Spiritual and Physical tune up, by Christopher Underwood

“Just as your car runs more smoothly and requires less energy to go faster and farther when the wheels are in perfect alignment, you perform better when your thoughts, feelings, emotions, goals, and values are in balance. ― Brian Tracy

Everyone expects the car, the train, the airplane to be kept in tune. These artificial items will eventually fail if you no one puts air in the tires, never changes the oil, or forgets to add fuel.

We do the same each day as we tune our hair to be in alignment when we wash our hair, comb it, twirl, spray it, tease it and blow dry it not necessarily in that order.

And we pray to God and study a portion of the word to add to our faith, virtue, knowledge and more so that even when we sin, our forgiveness is offered when we repent so we do not fall away forever.

We all need to find better alignment as followers of Christ. We all need more to run smooth spiritually and that really comes through the word of God.

I want to offer a few tune up scriptures. Hopefully these scripture tune ups will strike a positive cord with you each and every day. Continue reading

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Full armor: Ephesians 6.11 VOTD

“Clothe yourselves with the full armor of God so that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil.”

Ephesians 6.11

Partial armor leaves the soldier unprotected and more vulnerable to attack from the enemy. Paul uses this comparison to urge Christians to use all the resources at their disposal in order to succeed against the devil’s attempt to draw them away from Christ.

What piece of spiritual armor tends to be more difficult to put on in your faith?

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Of God and man

The Lord Jesus Christ kept his balance between seeking the Father and serving people. He did not let the demands and needs of others keep him from time alone in prayer and meditation. Neither did he neglect proclaiming the Father’s word to both crowds and individuals by escaping by himself to a mountain.

Every saint needs this same balance. Spirituality and ministry are not either/or options, but both/and necessities. Without the Father, service is mere social improvement. Without the practice of faith, spirituality becomes nothing more than another form of consumerism.

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Motivations for Hating God

In the excellent book, “Why? Explaining the Holocaust,” Peter Hayes examines the motivations behind the German brutality directed against innocent Jews.

How could they have been so barbarous? Were they just soulless monsters?

After a lengthy discussion of the history of antisemitism among the German people, Hayes considers other motivations. Continue reading

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Good for me, good for you?

Some things one does for one’s own spiritual benefit, as is right and necessary. If by chance those things benefit others, as they often will, so much the better. Growth in the Spirit is not a lonely nor selfish proposition. Of course, one must take care that such benefit does not become the end-all and do-all of ministry. There is that service that is undertaken solely for the benefit and need of one’s neighbor. The overflow of my benefit to the other cannot be the main service provided for another. The additional blessing to others that comes from one’s own efforts toward growth can never substitute the teaching, evangelism, edification, and benevolence given to others. But when the additional blessing occurs, blessing indeed it can be.

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Hugh’s News & Views (Default Mindset)


According to computer technology and terminology, a “default” is “a pre-selected option or a pre-designed value or setting.” For example, when I started typing this article the page appeared in the format that I had previously designated for the settings I would like for all the pages to have when I type these essays. I do not have to re-set the borders of the pages, the type style, the font size, etc. each time I compose an article. All of these things have already been determined and “saved” to the default setting for all “News and Views” essays. Continue reading

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Prayer doesn’t have to be long

Some softwares and WP themes provide reading time estimates for the posts, based, one supposes, on some average figure of words per minute. They do this, apparently, so you’ll know ahead of time how long of a read it will be.

In today’s Believing Prayer, I set a one-minute reading time when linking to it on my Hubzilla spot, the more to encourage people to click and read and pray. (OK, so maybe it’ll take two minutes to read.)

Years ago, a book was published called One-Minute Manager. It purported to help managers act decisively. Though one’s spiritual life cannot be contained in one-minute prayers, neither are they inappropriate.

Prayer doesn’t have to be long. It does have to be sustained.

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Starving with food in sight: Tim Hall on World Food Day

Tim Hall makes a spiritual application of the UN World Food Day commemorated today.

Since 1945, October 16 has been celebrated as “World Food Day” (established by the United Nations) to draw attention to the needs of people throughout the world. It’s hard for many of us to understand chronic hunger. But occasions like this at least make me pause and try to understand.

Imagine this hypothetical scenario: people starving, even though food is within their reach. They simply refuse to eat what is before them! Would that not be a tragedy?

Tim encourages us, among other things, to “develop healthy habits.” Read this good meditation at the above link.

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Giving glory to God. Public or private?

Question: Is giving glory to God always a public act? Can it be a private one? I’m very interested in your perspective on this, since I have a “Do this and live” list, and the last one is “Give glory to God.” Can I do that privately, or ought I think of it as a public act?

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Bible reading is directly related to spirituality https…

Bible reading is directly related to spirituality.

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Satan Changes Our Focus

Satan has no interest in banishing Christianity. Read C.S. Lewis’ “Screwtape Letters.”

Satan is perfectly content with having a form of religion around to lull people to sleep. However, he must make some changes until it is leading people down the road he has prepared (1 Peter 5:8).

Satan changes our language, re-defines our words and alters our focus from Christ to ourselves. We become more worldly when Satan tells us that the world can’t be converted by holy people.

Satan discredits Scripture and destroys God’s meanings for words such as grace, holiness, preaching, faith and repentance, replacing them with secular definitions.

Satan creates a faux Christianity without God that focuses on slick promotions, incense, clothes, hairstyles, poetry, emotion and entertainment. His religion is empty and shallow, appealing to a worldly view of “spirituality.” Satan would rather us connect with a tree than with God.

The Christian Chronicle published an article about a “Christian” movie called “Blue Like Jazz.”

Continue reading

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Spiritual revival? – JAM

This is Just-A-Minute with Ed Boggess. American Demographics Magazine, June 1997, says, “The share of Americans who believe in some sort of divine power has remained constant for decades. Likewise, churchgoing rates haven’t done anything noticeable in recent years. So, how do we know a spiritual renaissance is underway? In a word, it’s books. Books are diagnostic not of what we say we are doing, but of what we really are doing with our time and inside our respective interiors.” End quote. Evidence that a spiritual awakening is underway grows each year. People are turning to faith, prayer and looking for ways to answer the soul hunger.

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