Square or Round

Am i square or round? This is a unique question to ask. However, when looking back at the time when I first became a Christian my friends and acquaintances most likely viewed me as being square. I no longer fit into their perception of life, getting the most one can get from it. I would also consider myself square in that I was very straight and intolerant of sin. As I grew in the Spirit though God’s word and prayer, the rough sharp edges began to get rounded off. At the present time I see myself as more round than square, not yet perfected. Life’s problems and troubles roll off from me a lot easier and there for I can be more sympathetic to others when they are dealing with adversity. In other words I have been reshaped more into the person God would have me to be.

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Am I square or round? Whenever I look in…

Am I square or round? Whenever I look in the mirror, it’s pretty clear I’m round. But when I look into the mirror of the soul, I think I’m round in places for some of the same reasons why Laura says she’s round, and I’m square for some of the same reasons Mike discussed. That doesn’t mean I’m conflicted, does it?

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Am I a square or round person? I’m a to…

Am I a square or round person? I’m a total square – don’t fit into any round hole. Guess that’s why I was never popular in school. When my fellow students were carousing and engaging in every kind of ungodly activity, I could be found in the library, or in the music studio playing music on the piano, or studying the Bible – something profitable.

When my fellow students were engaged in smoking cigarettes, I never could understand what was so exciting about allowing fire, smoke, tar, and nicotine to get into your nose, mouth, and lungs. Never could understand what was so exiting about getting drunk, and then having to undergo the consequences of that drunken state. Those kind of activities were never appealing to me.

Kids today, like kids in my day, allow their peers to dictate their thoughts and actions. My advice to kids today is – be a leader instead of a follower. Don’t listen to or follow the crowd (unless it’s to a restaurant!). Listen to the wisdom of your parents and grandparents. Read your Bible and do what’s right in God’s sight, then you’ll be right – be a square!

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