Walking in the new year

Today appears to be slower than yesterday. Christmas hangover? The new Daily Nudge, just posted for the Fellows, asks what the new year holds. They can take it personally, for the church or for their area — be it city or country. However they want to take it will still make it an interesting discussion.

From hangovers to leftovers … the Christmas leftovers are as good as they were yesterday. Sometimes leftovers are even better, like my wife’s sweet and sour carrots, after the flavors are allowed to blend.

Have been working on 1 Thes. 4:1-12. Some very interesting structural items in that pericope, like the word “walk” appearing, an inclusio no doubt, in verses 1 and 12. But there’s much more. I’m disappointed that most versions don’t translate the walk metaphor literally, I who tend to prefer the thought translation. Often, the versions are inconsistent, translating it as walk in one verse and as “live” or some other such bland idea in the other. Continue reading

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