Loosing Track Of Time

I lose track of time when I’m doing research for an upcoming Bible study article as well as the writing of an article. The time really does fly when you’re really involved and concentrating on getting a Bible study article posted.

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Waste Time? Never

The older I get, the more I realize the less time I have on earth, and thus, the more I realize how precious time is: http://mbriley.preachersfiles.com/2007/02/11/appreciating-the-value-of-time/. Once time is gone, it can never be reclaimed. Do I waste time? Not that I know of. I’m always busy taking care of my wife, working in the yard, paying bills, grocery shopping, preparing daily meals, studying the Bible, writing articles, reading good books and publications produced by faithful proclaimers of God’s word, preaching and teaching. Doing all of this plus working as a library substitute for our local school district, keeps me plenty busy – never have time to be bored, that’s for certain.

I do watch the news and weather on television, plus two weekly shows, NCIS and Criminal Minds. Don’t know if that’s wasted time or not, because both shows motivate me to use my mind in figuring out the plots.

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Is Ignorance Bliss?

We use the saying “ignorance is bliss”. But is that really true?

Recently I made a statement that I was disappointed in the ungodly stand that a particular organization has taken. One young college-aged lady responded by saying, “Why exactly is it disappointing? We as Christians are supposed to be a non-judgmental people. We welcome anyone with open arms and an open heart.” She went on to incorrectly quote Jesus’ saying regarding the woman caught in adultery: ‘He who cast the first stone, let he be stoned.’ That is not not what Jesus said. Clearly, this young woman has a gross lack of knowledge of God’s word.

Sadly, this woman is not alone. The attitude she portrayed here has permeated our society because it is ignorant of what God’s word teaches, not only regarding right and wrong, but also in how Christians are to react to and behave toward sin.

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being priest for Me; Because you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children.” Hosea 4:6

Lack of knowledge (or ignorance) comes from *rejection* of knowledge. Is rejection of knowledge bliss? Rejection is a willful act. I pray we all be mindful that we not be guilty of being ignorant.

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Saturdays are like any other day for me….

Saturdays are like any other day for me. Whatever needs to be done is done. This morning, I’ll go grocery shopping, get my song list ready for the song service tomorrow, write and post another article to my blog, study my adult Bible class lesson to present tomorrow morning, and walk my dog (or rather she walks me!) :).

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1st semester accomplishments are: 1) Wro…

1st semester accomplishments are:

1) Posted 248 Bible study articles to my blog (wrote most of them).
2) Presented 13 Bible-based sermons before the Montana St. congregation.
3) Presented 23 Bible study lessons before the Montana St. adult Bible class.
4) From Jan – June, 2010, I’ve had 13,295 folks from 128 countries hit on my blog site. There were 61,543 page views during this period. Of these visitors, 67 percent were new visitors to my blog.
5) Presented 6 Bible-based lessons to the residents of our local Veterans Home.

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The adult class at Montana Street does n…

The adult class at Montana Street does not follow a set curriculum. We study a variety of Bible topics, showing how the Bible can be applied to everyday living. On Wednesday night, we are studying Paul’s letter to the Philippians.

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I agree heartily with Ron. It is impossi…

I agree heartily with Ron. It is impossible to give people meaningful lessons unless I fill up my mind and heart first. The principle method is reading. If we preach from the overflow, then we’ve got to overfill the mind with good, profitable reading materials. Lately, I’ve been reading the two books on Psalms written by the Truth-For-Today writer Eddie Cloer. I’m also reading the Jewish history volumes by Schurer and I’m still getting a great deal from Rex Turner Sr.’s book on Systematic Theology. Got to fill up the old tank if you want to go anywhere.

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The last advice I gave a Christian was i…

The last advice I gave a Christian was in reponse to a question about how to improve zeal. I told the person to buy their own Bible, read and study it each day and come to understand the reason why they decided to become a member of Christ’s body and what that meant. When one understands the price the Lord Jesus paid, what he went through to pay it and how little I deserve it, they’ll understand why they should have zeal.

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Who taught me the gospel? My grandmother…

Who taught me the gospel? My grandmother was my primary example of teaching me the value of Bible study – she faithfully read and studied her Bible every day. She told me one day, “Mike, the Bible has the answer to every problem we face in life” – And so it does.

And after reading and studying the Bible for myself all these years, I realize how correct she was in her assessment of how the Bible does indeed provide us with an answer to every problem we face in life. “If” we will only “hear” what God is saying to us through His inspired writings, and then take His prescription which contains the solution to our problems.

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I do not teach the adult class. One of o…

I do not teach the adult class. One of our men has been teaching through the Old Testament for many years. We are up to Ezekiel 38. I will be preaching on Clapping in worship and Bibliolatry tomorrow.

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