This is Sunday.  How many times did you attend services today?  Most of us had the opportunity for Bible study, Sunday AM worship and Sunday evening worship.  Most of us will also have the opportunity of mid-week-night Bible study.  That is a total of the possibility of four times to fellowship with those of like precious faith, to worship God, and to learn more about His Word and His will for us.

So what is my point?  Too many of us today do not take advantage of all the opportunities we have.  If you are not interested in being with the brethren to edify each other and to worship God, why do you think that you will enjoy being with the brethren continually in Heaven…or, perhaps a better question, what makes you think God will want you there?

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A boocoodle of new developments

We started Sunday school in the Taubaté church this afternoon. For now, it’s a 30-minute period of teaching not very distinguished from our worship, no interval. In July, we’re going through the evangelistic Bible course (BCC-type) the church is going to use.

I preached this morning in SJCampos on evangelism, with a couple of true stories. Base text, Luke 9:57-62. The chapter opens with the limited commission, sending of the Twelve. It ends with another sending, “as for you, go and proclaim the kingdom of God” (v. 60).

Lots of people traveling, out of state, even out of country. July is the second vacation month for a lot of people. January, in summer time, is the big one.

Google is getting ready to roll out its social media site. Similar to Facebook. They’re giving out a few invites before the public release. I got in today. Looks interesting, if you like Google. They have a video chat. And Facebook, not one to fall behind, will launch a Skype chat for its members this week.

Meanwhile, I’ve been experimenting with live audio and video podcasts. In Portugese for now. Who knows but I might try it in English as well.

I say I’m a writer, because I don’t have a face for TV (video) nor a voice for radio (audio). But somebody probably thinks I don’t get the words down very well on the screen, either. Let’s see, I can still be a reader, right?

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Sunday night simmerings

• Tonight at Taubaté Humberto preached on why we don’t follow the Old Testament as the church’s guide. Good job he did. We need sermons like his to help us make the proper distinctions for “teaching the message of truth accurately” (2 Tim 2.15 NET).

• Sent tonight from my personal Twitter account: Political pundits say personnel is policy. It’s true of the church too. Fellowship with false teachers sets church policy to approve error.

• Does your Sunday Bible school have good participation? Do people study ahead of time? Or is it one-man-talking? Anybody have good suggestions for helping people prepare ahead of time and for helping teachers to encourage enlightened participation?

• Also, does your congregation have an approach to evangelism that everyone is able to participate in? If so, please describe it. We’re always looking for good ideas. If not, why not?

• Truth is not “interesting,” as if it were another nifty or cool idea to entertain, until the next one comes along. Rather, truth is the reality of what is, the record of what was, the promise of what is to come. Only by embracing truth in its fullness, may we become free.

• The first part of an alarm clock to wear out is the snooze button.

• I’ve mentioned it somewhere before, but Brazilians have a saying roughly equivalent to our “A word to the wise is sufficient.” My somewhat literal translation: “For the one who understands, half a word is enough.” My paraphrase: “For the one who gets it, half a word does it.” Would that I could be so in relation to the word of God!

Help me to understand what your precepts mean! Then I can meditate on your marvelous teachings. Psalm 119.27 NET

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"Sound Doctrine" Best in My Book

The “Sound Doctrine for Everyday Living” study books by the late Bro. Wendell Winkler are the best study guides for young adult and adult classes, in my opinion.

Two, “Studying Sin Seriously” and “The Christian and His Influence” are the best in that series. They are life-changing books that have the power of the gospel to sink deep into hearts and bear fruit. “Things That Accompany Salvation” is another great book in the series that teaches there is more to being a Christian than just wearing a name.

Here is the link for those who are interested:


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Some Bible websites I enjoy

You beat me to the punch Weylan. is one of my favorites, too. I have many of the versions they offer, but when I’m already on the computer it’s a great place to do some translation comparison without a lot of hassle.

If you would like to see a biblical city on the map head for:

If holyland pics are your thing follow this link:

Need help preparing a Sunday school lesson? Make your way to:
(Lots of stuff. It’s like going into an old store that stacked to the ceiling. A little sorting and you’ll probably find just what you’re looking for!)

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