Americans are under Surveillance


America is buzzing over all the announcement that our government is spying on all of us under the guise of fighting terrorism. But that is little consolation to millions of Americans who have always feared this moment.

Anyone who has read George Orwell’s terrifying novel, “1984” has expected this to happen. However, that doesn’t make it any less chilling.

The main focus of this post is simple. For now, they are mining our data to look for terrorists. How long before this is used against Christians?

The government is already engaged as a propaganda machine for the promotion of homosexuality. Activists want to silence everyone who speaks against homosexuality and, if possible, send them to jail.

How long before the government realizes that the full-scale surveillance of Americans allows them to make that happen?

We live in frightening times. For decades, we have been asking when persecution will come to our shores. Well, that is no longer an academic question.


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