A Tanzania baptism, by George Jensen

Back in mid-October last year, a man named Eliya heard our radio announcement. He desired to attend the Bible classes. On one particular class day, by the time he found his way to the assembly place, the class had already concluded. He had traveled from the village of Tanangozi, which is about a 40 minute drive (depending on the road construction delays).

Contact with Eliya led to setting up a class in that village.

A Tanzania story reminds us of the power of God’s gospel to reach others. With several great pics of a baptism. Question: Are African waters always muddy?

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Spiritual implications in Tanzania

The article, The Competition for Africa, is about business, mostly, written by a brother in Christ and a friend, after he spent a month on business in Tanzania. It got me to wondering about the spiritual implications. I thought his distinctions between China’s and the U.S.’s approaches fascinating.

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Great Article on Missions by Mike Benson

Mike Benson give us some very challenging thoughts in relation to the greatest need of the starving in Tanzania. I hope you will read and share this article.

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Daily Nudge: devotional guides — and news

Do you use or have you used a devotional guide in your personal time or quiet time, as it used to be called? A post that quoted from one daily devotional book a couple days back reminds me to ask this one. Lots of them out there. Our brethren, for example, publish Power for Today, which I contribute to for a period of years.

Now, I’m not talking about biblical articles as such, but a real devotional guide. Some do devotional articles, but somehow I see a difference.

My news: Friend Mike Benson is in Tanzania teaching at the Andrew Connally school on Revelation, I believe. I’ve watched his Facebook status posts. And I posted an item yesterday about the launch of ETSPM’s “The Journal.”

What news do you have this fine Tuesday?

As always, we’re happy to hear from our readers on the Nudge.

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Here is our latest post on our travelblo…

Here is our latest post on our travelblog, which gives a quick overview of recent activities. http://www.travelblog.org/Africa/Tanzania/North/Arusha/blog-511867.html

We are in the final stage of packing and leave tomorrow night (afternoon for most of you). We are scheduled to arrive in OKC Tuesday late afternoon – a 27 hour journey. We’d appreciate your prayers.

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Here is our latest blog post about our w…

Here is our latest blog post about our work and life in Tanzania:

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Due to the fact that we live in Tanzania…

Due to the fact that we live in Tanzania, we are at greater risk for crime. Our rental house has bars on all windows, metal security doors in addition to the wood doors. We have an electric fence on top of the tall concrete fence around the property, with a tall metal gate that is padlocked at night. We also have two German shepherds. Those extra measures of security are nice to have and the dogs and electric fence are particular deterrents, but our fail-proof security measure is being in Christ. Even if someone were to destroy our bodies, they cannot touch our souls. I think sometimes we get things turned around and put a great amount of emphasis on guarding our physical possessions, but we let our guard down when it comes to our souls.

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