Anyone near Dyersburg this morning?

I’ll be speaking this morning near Dyersburg TN, specifically Newbern, at the Lemalsamac congregation. If you’re nearby, come and be with us. The meeting begins at 10 am. My sermon topic will be, “How to have the love of God in your life.” During the study hour, I’ll share recent news about the GoSpeak effort.

The church website is not appearing anywhere, but they do have a Facebook page. The building is located on Highway 77 toward Dyer.

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Snowy Pictures

Here’s a couple of pictures from the snow we’ve been getting today. One’s a red bird looking for a wind-break and the other is our backyard. Both were gladly taken from inside!

Backyard 2016 Red Bird 2016

All in all we got a smidgen past 3″. Town, which is only 10-15 miles North of us, got at least 5 or 6″. It’s still flurrying out (the small powdery stuff) with a bitter wind. Time for the hot-chocolate.

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Winford Claiborne in hospice care

We’ve received word that bro. Claiborne’s health has taken a turn for the worse. He is now in hospice care. He is not eating, is very weak, and is not expected to live much longer, according to news received from the family and passed on to us. Please remember him and his family members in prayer at this moment.

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Tennessee residents and “Yes on 1”

This is quite a ways out (although we’re talking months and not years) but I wanted to mention something for any of our Tennessee based readers in case you’re not familiar with the upcoming November 4th, 2014, election that will include an amendment identified at the top of the list with the number 1. Hence, there is an effort being made on behalf of this amendment to get people to “Vote YES on 1” due to the lack of awareness about it.

The short of the long is that the amendment will further strengthen the law against “optional” abortions highlighted by some stats such as, “Nearly 25% of abortions in Tennessee are sought by out-of-state women and girls.”

Apparently the state of Tennessee has fewer restrictions than our eight surrounding neighbor states and “YES on 1” is seeking to help close the convenient loop-holes through amendment #1 and end the practice of Tennessee being a “destination state” for those seeking an abortion with fewer guidelines.

If you would like to read for yourself a little more about the amendment’s goal along with an example of how the “ballot language” will read you can visit

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Hugh’s News & Views (Brother Jim)



Over the years I have had the privilege of knowing a number of outstanding Christians—not just great preachers, elders, deacons, college professors, university presidents, religious editors, etc., but ordinary, everyday people whose lives were dedicated to living like Jesus and serving Him with whatever talents they had. This week I want to tell you about one such man. Continue reading

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Tweeting away

The latter idea was hotly disputed by a follower. Imagine that!

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Wonderful diversity in areas of opinion

I find it encouraging to visit churches, both supporting and no, and to see the great diversity in those matters of opinion in which the Bible doesn’t determine. Long gone are the days of three songs and a prayer, even though progressives still love to criticize in such terms. They need to update their tune. I suspect faithful churches have never been so monolithic in their practice of the one faith, but it makes for great finger-pointing.

• In that spirit, we enjoyed the VBS with the Lemalsamac congregation in Newbern TN last Wednesday night. I gave a quick update on the GoSpeak/Forthright work. The church made it possible for me to go back to Brazil in 1979, again in 1981,  and provided funds for our move in 1984. Then after some 10 years, they began participating monthly. This small congregation, begun many years ago, is alive and well, with two parttime ministers.

• My parents rode over with us to Lemalsamac, about an hour and a half away from their house. We enjoyed that time together. Then, we enjoyed grilled burgers, hot dogs, and barbequed bologna provided by the brethren at the end of VBS.

• Thanks to you who made suggestions on the digital voice recorder. Jon’s note about use with Mac nudged me in the direction of the one he recommended. A Radio Shack employee who uses Mac and used both Olympus and Sony recorders confirmed Jon’s recommendation by saying the latter does better with a Mac. (And RS carries only the former!) But the UX200 has been replaced with the improved UX512, and was less than half the price, so that’s what I went with.

• Started reading Bill O’Reilly’s Killing Lincoln. My mom checked it out from the local library. Anybody read it? It caught my attention after our visit to the Lincoln Museum in Springfield IL. Don’t know that I’ll get it finished before we leave here Sunday, but any part of it ought to be of interest, doncha think?

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