Prayer: Two terrorist attacks in London

We pray for those injured, involved, or affected by the two attacks in London, which are being treated as terrorist attacks. One of them occurred outside Parliament. At least four people are reported dead, 20 or more injured. We pray for peace, at the same time we pray for the security of each nation.

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Another attempted airplane shoe-bombing

News sources say a man with Qatar diplomatic status attempted to light a shoe bomb on a DC to Denver flight, but was overpowered by air marshals.

What good does it do to remove the shoes of the common people if terrorists are using diplomatic passports? The security system is deeply flawed, and there is no promise it will improve any time soon.

If you can go by car, do so. Air travel is getting ever more complicated, more dangerous and more inconvenient.

Some of us, however, have no choice.

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Another terrorist attempt in U.S. plane?

I read it in Portuguese, citing CBS TV as source. A plane from NY to Louisville, Ky., was diverted to Philadelphia and a passenger with explosives was removed. I’ve seen nothing in English yet. Any word?



Barry Newton wonders if we would place God above country in Terrorism Commentary Blowback.

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