Using abbreviations

Proper use of abbreviationsIn the past, Richard M. has properly chided me for using abbreviations on TFR (oops!), and I plead guilty. So now you can consult a list of the brevs that I use here, if you’re ever in doubt. With the texting going on, things are getting shorter, so it seems I might have an argument, don’t you think?

Speaking of texting, SMS (isn’t that the same?) is celebrating 20 years. So says a headline I read, though I didn’t read the article.

In the link above, I’m using It’s an online application of the amazing TiddlyWiki, one of my favorite pieces of software, maybe more favorite than WP. Another online version of it is at, which I also use at times. TS (there I go again) might just be a good sub for FB.

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Texting and driving – JAM

A 34-year-old Geneva saleswoman was caught driving down a Swiss motorway while she was not only using her laptop computer, but chatting on a handheld mobile phone as well. When asked she was unaware of any wrongdoing and that she was “driving like I always do”. Police pulled her over after they saw her car zig-zagging along the motorway. Some listening may see nothing wrong with her behavior because they do much the same every day. But before you justify such recklessness, consider that though you may not regard your welfare very highly, others whom you put at risk prefer to live. This is Just-A-Minute with Ed Boggess

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