The Positive Use of the Tongue

David spoke of his tongue as a pen (Psalm 45:1) and his enemies’ tongues as sharp swords (Psalm 57:4). We learn that God hates a tongue which forms lies (Proverbs 6:17). Isaiah prophesied a future time so happy that it would cause “the tongue of the dumb [to] sing” (Isaiah 35:6). The ungodly tongue is described by Jeremiah as a “deadly arrow” (Jeremiah 9:8). James calls the unruly tongue a “fire” (James 3:6). (Read More at The Proclaimer)

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The Discipline of Bible Study

The gifted Chinese preacher, Watchman Nee, used to read through the New Testament once a month. This becomes apparent when you read his books, for you are struck with his wonderful insights into God’s Word. The members of the Chinese church used to have a saying, “No Bible – no breakfast!” If we followed that motto in America, I wonder how many Christians would go hungry (Warren Wiersbe, BE Commentary – Jude).

Today, in continuation of our series, “Spiritual Disciplines,” we want to consider Bible Study as a spiritual discipline. (Read more at The Proclaimer)

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God Wants You

The well-known figure “Uncle Sam” is a popular personification of the United States government. Sam’s rise to fame traces back to a recruitment poster used during World War I and World War II. The image, created by J.M. Flagg, shows Sam pointing his finger at the viewer and saying, “I Want You.” Uncle Sam needs a few good recruits, then again so does God. Like Uncle Sam, God Wants You! What does he want?” (Read more at The Proclaimer..)

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Lemons or Lemonade

Christianity is like the axiom, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” This proverb means that when life gives you something sour, turn it sweet. Life’s lemons are abundant, but what counts is what you do with them. (Continue reading at The Proclaimer…)

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Mission Report, April 2010

Click here to read Ron Coleman’s latest mission report.

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Vanity of Vanities

Several times in the book of Ecclesiastes, the writer refers to various activities as being “Vanity of vanities” (cf. 1:2). Everything is vain ultimately, he concludes, except serving God (12:13-14). Let us consider several things mentioned in the New Testament that are described as being vain. (Click here to read more)

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Counting the Cost

We might call them “impulsive”; while others may call them “impetuous.” Regardless to which of these adjectives you may use to describe them, one thing is for sure; they don’t consider what they are saying or getting themselves into! (Follow this link to read more…)

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Whatever Happened to Truth?

Whatever Happened to Truth? is an excellent article written by Mike Vestal. The article offers three practical points from Proverbs 23:23.

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Seven Deadly Practices

Those who profess faith in Christ are in one of two categories. Either they are living out the message or they are merely listening to it (James 1:22). In order to know where we stand, we must peer into the perfect law of liberty and fix our attention there (1:25). (Read more by following this link…)

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Lessons From Martha and Mary

David W. Hester offers 4 practical lessons from Luke 10:38-42 in his article, “Lessons From Martha and Mary.” I am confident that it would make a good sermon starter.

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Can You Hear Him Speaking?

Here is my sermon outline from yesterday. Maybe it’s something that you might be interested in using. Or perhaps you could take it and make a real sermon out of it. 🙂

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Learning to Fight Stress From Jesus

Christ was busy while on earth, even to the point of depriving Himself (Matthew 8:20). He lost friends and followers (John 6:66-67; Matthew 26:31). He was constantly hounded and threatened (Matthew 22:15; John 5:18). He was rejected by family and neighbors (Mark 6:4-5). Jesus knew something about stress. (Follow this link to read more…)

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The “Canon” of Sacred Scripture

Here’s an excellent article by Wayne Jackson, The “Canon” of Sacred Scripture. This article is helpful and greatly needed here in Salt Lake City. I appreciate brother Jackson’s work and words cannot express how my heart has been richly blessed by his labor of love.

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“Another Testament?”

New Proclaimer article written by Tom Wacaster – “Another Testament?”

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Textual Exegesis of Matthew 24:34-36

Matthew 24 is one of the most controversial chapters in the New Testament. Interpretations abound; elaborate millennial theories have been structured, in part, upon it. Songs have been composed espousing such theories. (Follow this link to read the entire article…)

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