New theme on TFR

Today ought to be a slow day for us here at TFR, so we’re going to try the updated P2-breathe theme, still with the front-page posting. Fellows, please note that the option to open up the subject line is located at the top right of the formatting bar.

This should take care of the problem of comments made to individual posts from the front page showing up in the wrong place.

This is still in something of an experimental stage. If there are severe problems, we’ll revert to the old theme.

The background tile chosen doesn’t please much, so it’ll likely get replaced.

Fellows, please, please, familiarize yourselves with the new theme at this link here: and here:

#housekeeping #themes #progress

Testing. Testing. 1 2 3 Testing. Is this…

Testing. Testing. 1 2 3 Testing. Is this thing on?

Seriously, I like the old format better even with it’s problems.

Still looking forward to Sunday afternoon to write something.


Returning to old theme

By prompting and, it seems, general Fellow preference, we’ve returned to the P2 theme, our original start-up presentation. We hope the comments will not be as problematic as before, and even more, that posts will come back up to the previous level. So, Stephen, we’re expecting more posts out of you. 😉

Any problems, let us know. We pray it will work smoothly.

#group-weblog, #housekeeping, #themes