Jim Waldron: The challenge to the faith

Jim Waldron writes with great zeal on “The Challenge to the Faith.” It’s a tad long, but worth a read to stimulate some positive reflection on our task.

My attentions and energies turn to the local congregation, where converts may most effectively learn, observe, and practice the mission of God. The church contains all that is needed for the growth of the gospel. (Do you believe that?)

Let’s turn away from politics to devote ourselves to the work of the Lord.

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Screaming teaching is a mistake

If you think you have to scream to get your message across to your children, your students, your congregation, you are mistaken.

One of the great secrets of teaching is that the quieter you get, the more students will listen. Teachers just entering the profession are naturally inclined to raise their voice to the students, but pretty soon no one will listen to a screaming teacher.

Why would anyone want to worship where the preacher screams at the top of his lungs at them? Screaming teaching is a mistake….a big one.

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Kids First, Marriage Later — If Ever

From NPR, comes the above article heading.

The beginning of the article http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=128265730 states:

Quote: “Federal data from 2007 says 40 percent of births in America are to unwed mothers, a trend experts say is especially common in middle-class America. In one St. Louis community, the notion of getting married and having children — in that order — seems quaint.”

The woman in this story (Colleen Segbers) confesses that she didn’t mean to get pregnant six years ago with her daughter, Gwen.

She states:

“It was an afternoon of Budweiser beer and the hot sun,” she laughs. “It happened. It was OK.”

Brethren, it’s no laughing matter. When 40 percent of births in America are to unwed mothers, there is something terribly awry with that statistic. As members of the Lord’s church, we need to be stressing the importance of the institution of marriage, training our young men and women about the responsibility of bringing children into the world under the guidance of godly parents which make up the home.

Note the reason why the couple mentioned in this article finally married:

“After her daughter was born, Segbers did marry Gwen’s father. She loves her husband, she says, but they didn’t get married because they had a baby together or even because they were in love. They did it so she could have insurance.”

They only went through a ceremony was because she could have insurance. Is that a viable reason to get married?

No wonder immorality is rampant in our country today. May God help us to teach our young people the moral principles found in God’s word.

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Training my sons to be men of God

That’s what’s on my heart today as my wife & I prepare to welcome our 4th son into the world. Her due date was a week ago and an induction has been scheduled for tomorrow to bring Amos into the world. We home educate and have a devotional period most evenings–both intended to help make that aim a reality. If I don’t accomplish anything else of significance, my heart is set on guiding these precious souls–currently under my stewardship–to be strong, faithful Christians. And, if they have any inclination, they’ll be gospel preachers.

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The Montana Street congregation consists…

The Montana Street congregation consists of approximately 160 Spanish speaking brethren. They are assisting in the support of various works in Juarez, Mexico, one of those works being a preacher’s training school. There are about 30 native Mexican men presently enrolled in that school. We are also helping to support Brother Bontha Esudas’ work in India: http://www.churchofchristindia.com/.

Additionally, we help provide food and monies for the Lakeview Christian home in Carlsbad, NM, and we produce a weekly television ministry, covering El Paso County and the surrounding area.

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My best tip for child-rearing: live as y…

My best tip for child-rearing: live as you speak. 1) Children will repeat what they see you do before they will do what you say. 2) Children will find hypocrisy faster than anyone. They see through everything!

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