False Assumptions of Transgenderism

By Dr. Johnny O. Trail, LMFT — Proponents of transgenderism and many from the LGBTQ+ community have been arguing for some time that gender is more fluid in nature than previously believed. Researchers have formulated their agenda in concise terms by saying: Continue reading

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Kick back or jump forward?

Some people use holidays to kick back and rest brain and body. Three servants of God are coming to visit tomorrow from São Paulo, since it’s a municipal holiday for Corpus Christi. They want to talk about Bible study, ministry, the church in Brazil, and the family of God’s workers. One may work full-time with the church, I’m not sure. The other two do not, for certain. They’re taking precious time to learn how to be more effective servants.

I’m going to treat them for lunch at the pie store close to the office. (Think chicken pie and palm-heart pie.) Then, if they have time, I’ll bring them home for The Missus’s homemade brownies and coffee. We’ll sit at the table on the back porch and chew the fat. Continue reading

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