When did my moment of mortality come? Wh…

When did my moment of mortality come? While driving a laundry truck many years ago, I stopped at an intersection waiting for the red light to change. When it changed to green, I started to put my foot down on the accelerator, but something in my mind told me to put on the brake instead. I’m thankful that I did, because an 18 wheeler came across that intersection going about 65-70 mph, running the red light. Had I been in the intersection, I would have been killed instantaneously. After carefully looking both to the left and to the right, then safely going through the intersection, I pulled over and stopped in order to calm my nerves down. I then thanked the Lord for saving my life. Guess He had some future plans for me.

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In case of an emergency with our car, we…

In case of an emergency with our car, we call a repair shop, about two miles from where we live. If the car is unable to be driven to the repair shop, they’ll send a tow truck. As far as our computer, our son knows a good repair person who gives generous senior citizen discounts, plus he actually knows how to repair a computer. 🙂 For medical emergencies, we have 911.

The only news around area churches, is that a lot of folks are on vacation. Half of our small congregation have gone to Louisiana to visit family.

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My First Paying Job?

My first paying job was, like the ladies in the picture, pulling cotton for 25 cents per day. I was 5 years old at the time. The cotton sack I had was especially made for my size. Unlike the picture of the ladies picking cotton, I quickly learned that the wearing of gloves is a must, otherwise your hands will have scratches and cuts all over them – not a pleasant experience.

My first paying job where I contributed to Social Security, was working at a cucumber shed, loading 40-60 pound sacks of cucumbers into a truck bed, 16 hours per day. I made a whole $300 one summer to pay for my books and tuition at college.

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