When America is struggling to put people to…

When America is struggling to put people to work, lower unemployment, generate jobs and stop the foreclosure of homes; we discover that a lot of fat cats do not share our concern for those who are hurting. For instance, the recently finished Martin Luther King Jr national memorial in Washington, DC was sculpted by a Chinese artist out of granite from China and in China. Are there no American sculptors? In California the rebuilding of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay bridge is being built with steel from China. Chinese companies are contracted to repair the Hamilton Bridge in New York City and build a train station near Yankee stadium. Even the glass at 1 World Trade Center is made in China. Shame on you leaders! Have you no compassion? This is Just-A-Minute with Ed Boggess

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How to Survive in Difficult Financial Times

The economic horizon is always filled with foreboding storm clouds in our age. National and personal debt are destroying  lives. People cannot find work  and watch as their savings disappear. However, Washington somehow seems to be making it worse. What can we do to protect ourselves? I hope you will read, Surviving the Crushing Economy and comment. Thank you to my readers.

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