Honoring God’s Plan of Salvation

Honor God’s Plan of Salvation

By Richard Mansel


A. Honoring God’s Word brings to mind two key issues:

1. Protecting the purity of the Word so that others can have the same opportunities.

a. 2 Kings 22:8ff – Hilkiah finds the Book of the Law. Josiah enacts it.

b. We can allow the same thing to happen today, if we are not diligent.

2. The sobering responsibility that we have as we teach and live God’s Word

B. We want to discuss these two themes in light of honoring God’s Plan of Salvation.

C. Our mindset is very important.

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The Salt Lake City Debate (Part 4 of 5)

Revelation and Unity

Farnsworth assumed that continuous revelation is necessary in order to unite Christendom. He seemed to assume that believers were not united because they had a volume 2,000 years old and that they would be united if they had continuous revelation. Continuous revelation is assumed to be essential to unity of Bible believers.

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What Makes a Successful Congregation?

Do we know what it takes from all of us? Are we prepared to do what is necessary? Find out.

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