USA travels (photos)

We arrived Wednesday at the Nashville airport. Our son Joel picked us up. Before leaving the city, he wanted to lunch at Café Mineiro, a Brazilian restaurant.

The next day I was already speaking at the FHU Lectureship on communication and technology. Our daughter studies here and Joel is a dorm dad, besides his regular day job.

We left temps of 95ºF and were greeted by 30º weather with wind. Jet lag, language switch. All our children came to support me.

And we’re finding time for the grandkids: Continue reading

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Hugh’s News & Views (Post-Election Reflections)


Donald John Trump has stood the United States’ political establishment on its ear by being elected as the 45th President of our country. Trump, a New York City billionaire businessman, had never run for or held a political office of any kind. But he, of all the candidates in this year’s race for the White House—Republican, Democrat, or Independent—understood the times in which we are living and the mood of America. He “touched” and resonated with a broad and vital vein of political discontent running throughout the country and capitalized on it, resulting in his election to the highest office in the land. Continue reading

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Stunning election results provide great opportunity

Americans awoke to stunning election results. I admit to a sense of relief that the Democrat nominee will not afflict the nation with harmful policies of every type. That relief at the moment is overpowering concerns for the future.

God controls the affairs of men. He delights in upsets. What appears stable and unbeatable to mere humans he upturns with a mere word. In the halls of power men plan and plot, but God continues to do his will. Continue reading

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US elects Trump as president. My reactions.

Some folks are calling the election for Trump. Amazing.

My reaction, two things.

I am grateful that Hillary Clinton will not be president of the United States of America.

I will pray that Donald Trump listens to good advisors, Prov 11.14.

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Hugh Fulford (“I’d Give A Pretty”)


One of the fond memories of my childhood is spending several days each summer with each set of my grandparents. All of my grandparents lived within thirty miles of our home and we spent much time together, not only in the summer, but throughout the year during holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, as well as at other times. Continue reading

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FBI doesn’t know crime when it sees it

I wrote briefly about FBI Director Comey’s statement in which he declined to recommend criminal prosecution of Hillary Clinton over the private email server.

My main interest is about how Christians react to this announcement, now that the U.S. is no longer a country of laws. (In such a country, everyone is equally subject to the law of the land, regardless of their position. That is not now true of the U.S.) I gave three quick points on how Christians ought to react.

How do you as a Christian regard this decision? Does it portend the breakdown of justice in the U.S.? Or is it a mere blip on the greater scene? And how do you see the Christian’s role at this moment?

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Hugh’s News & Views (Notes, Quotes)


As stated in the initial issue of “Hugh’s News and Views” back on November 11, 2010, from time to time I will deal with personal and family matters. I begin with such a personal note this week. Continue reading

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Hugh’s News & Views (Founding Fathers And . . . Islam)


Circumstances have a way of changing one’s plans. I had intended to write this week on “The Second Coming of Christ,” the theme of my sermon this past Sunday morning. However, because of the events in Paris last Friday and the continuing political correctness views toward the Islamic religion here in our own country, I have decided to say a few things under the above heading. The essay on the second coming will run next week, D. V. Continue reading

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Hugh’s News & Views (Intolerance)


In order to function effectively in this world, most of us recognize both the importance and the necessity of a certain level of tolerance with reference to the views of other people and other cultures. While I do not find the word “tolerant” in any English version of the Bible that I consulted, a variation of the word “tolerable” appears in a few texts. However, the Scriptures speak often of such noble qualities as patience, endurance, longsuffering, and bearing with others. God’s word also exhorts His children to be thoughtful, kind, and respectful of others, and it urges us to seek to be understanding of others. Continue reading

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T-shirt campaign about US Capitol Hill

Lee Snow asked us to pass this along, something that might interest American saints.

Hey brother. Can you help us spread this t-shirt campaign for Campaign Capitol Hill?

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Welcome to the fundamental transformation of the USA: SCOTUS approves homosexual marriage

The pieces are pretty much in place. With SCOTUS’ approval today of homosexual marriage, however, the process is nearly complete. Worship in your places of worship, but outside your buildings, keep your voices quiet. The USA no longer has a place for Christians. The threat, not taken seriously when it was made, has been fulfilled, to “fundamentally transform” the United States. Continue reading

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Hugh’s News & Views (Equality/Happiness)

A Special Independence Day Edition


Today our country celebrates the 238th year of its independence. The Declaration of Independence says: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” Clearly, every right-thinking citizen agrees with these sentiments. Continue reading

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E-book on the Christian and guns

I have a new Amazon Kindle E-book out on a pressing issue entitled: “The Christian and His Gun — The Biblical Perspective”

For those who are concerned about the treatment of the issue of may a Christian practice self-defense for himself and his family and how this reconciled with turning the other cheek (that is, when to turn the other check), this purports to be a balanced discussion of the same. … with our 2nd amendment being under attack in the USA, the issue of self defense when face with mindless violence of criminals causes this question to come to the forefront.

For those who do not own a Kindle on which to read the booklet, Amazon has a free program to download to read booklets on one’s computer.

The title is a low cost and can be found here:

I know this is a controversial issue but this is a Biblical look at the issues.

Thanks for considering,

Gary L. Grizzell

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Hard times

My mom found an old book of wisdom and scrapbook cuttings in a local store. She bought it for me. Here’s one entry:

Why hard times come can easily be explained, according to Roger W. Babson, leading American financial authority. Mr Babson a few years ago said, “Every business depression has been caused by monkeying with either the Ten Commandments or the multiplication table.”

The copyright of the book is 1954. His wisdom is timeless.

Another entry talked about the “rising national debt.” The author could never dream of the American national debt today.

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No date so defining for me as today

baptism-dead-worldToday is my spiritual birthday. On this day back in 1971 I was united with my Lord. Many dates are important to me, but none so defining as today. I am who I am because of the decision made that day. Not made, actually, but realized. The desire was present long before that.

My baptism should have happened earlier than at 14 years of age, but my timidity as a youngster held me back. When, that is, if I write an autobiography, it will make for an interesting story. I was the tenth of 10 responses that Sunday morning in the Stonewall church building, set among the Arkansas cotton and soybean fields. The preacher, who normally preached calm and positive lessons, decided a strong dose of hell was needed to jar loose a group of unmoved youth. He was right.

When all the other motivations are in place, and maybe when they’re not, fear is a great motivator. Fear of “the one who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell” Mt 10.28 NET, especially.

• Our third precious grandchild was born yesterday afternoon, after a day and a half of agonizing waiting. It might have been a bit tough on the mother in labor, too. This is our oldest son’s first. Our second son forged ahead with two. We hope to visit the newest family addition before long.

• The FPress website is down. Again. Methinks we’ll be moving from our host server when the account expires. Isn’t technology a wonderful thing, when it works?

• By coincidence I ran into this yesterday, George Washington’s first inaugural speech as president.

… there is no truth more thoroughly established, than that there exists in the oeconomy and course of nature, an indissoluble union between virtue and happiness, between duty and advantage, between the genuine maxims of an honest and magnanimous policy, and the solid rewards of public prosperity and felicity: Since we ought to be no less persuaded that the propitious smiles of Heaven, can never be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rules of order and right, which Heaven itself has ordained … Continue reading

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