Man-made utopias then and now

Rick K. nails it with this original association. Do read the entire post.

All societies are engaged in a continual process. Either they draw closer to God, or they grow further away from him. In either case, certain features will become evident in time to mark the direction.

In the case of Sodom and Gomorrah (and the other surrounding cities), the man-made Utopia involves a number of trademark qualities and preferences (explored more in chapter 19:

  • a segregation from Divine influence,
  • an extreme – even aggressive – lack of tolerance for individuals who disagree with their Utopian way of life,
  • a profound lack of concern for consequence, as the ends seem to justify any means used to achieve them,
  • and this one signature matter: the up-ending of social and sexual norms.

You can easily track this humanistic, Utopian philosophy from ancient Sodom to modern San Francisco.

via The great Utopia | Root Downward, Fruit Upward.

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The Root of Far Left Beliefs


People believe that man can be perfect if only the cultural climate can be made perfect. If we remove religion, opinions, rigid standards, war and guns, all of which divide people, then mankind can finally be perfect.

It is the utopia of the godless intellectual. They believe that if they can enact the right social legislation, then all crime and hate will disappear and all will be love and joy. John Lennon’s “Imagine” is the pantheon of this delusional dream.

However, we know that Satan will do everything he can to destroy what man builds (Romans 1:18-32; 3:10-18, 23). Therefore, we know how naive these Utopian beliefs are.

We wish everyone would do right all the time but we know it will never happen. Humanity will always make bad decisions and act with greed, malice, anger and hate.

All we can do is to live transformed lives (Romans 12:1-2) and keep teaching Biblical truth and pray it spreads (Matthew 28:18-20).

We must pray for our society that truth and godliness can become the hallmarks of American society and God’s truth can be our guiding light.


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