Living with integrity

I was blessed this morning hearing Bobby Stafford’s lesson, “A Man of Integrity,” given in the Granby, Mo., church. David Hersey posted it on YouTube. I recommend it to you.

I understand that it was integrity Joe Warlick referred to when he said,

Would to God that we all could say this! What a different power would work among us if it were true!

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You Never Know What You’re Going To Get!

Forget the box of chocolates! If you’re looking for a place where you never know what you’re going to get then watch the news. I understand that different news offices/stations have different owners, different audiences and different purposes; but at times the media can seem so schizophrenic with the issues and stories they cover, or the lack thereof.

Case-in-point, here are two examples:

The first is a head scratcher picked up on by Neal Pollard. Here’s the link for his short, but well said, article called “Searching For The Outrage Over Amazon.” There’s no point in me trying to repeat what he has already said. It’s about the obvious several shades of rainbow-colored hypocrisy when it comes to the general homosexual agenda supported by the news media…especially over the last few weeks. It’s one of those things that I’ve come to expect from the news, but I still scratch my head when I think about it.

The second is a heart warmer about two brothers in Tennessee that I happened to catch yesterday. It’s a great story (video) about love, encouragement, humility and loyalty that’s worth the time it takes to watch. Here’s the link for it.

The news has a special way of keeping a person wondering when it comes to stories about morality.

Remember, we need to “[Have] our eyes fixed on Jesus, the guide and end of our faith, who went through the pains of the cross, not caring for the shame, because of the joy which was before him, and who has now taken his place at the right hand of God’s seat of power. Give thought to him who has undergone so much of the hate of sinners against himself, so that you may not be tired and feeble of purpose.” (Hebrews 12:2-3, BBE)

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Father, In The Morning

Congregational Singing @ Cherry St Church of Christ, led by J R Satterfield.

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Devotional moment, songs and snow

Enjoy this 12-minute video by David Fowler, a young man my sons grew up with, for use on GBN, with a cappella singing and images of God’s creation, much of it under snow.

(I tried to embed it here, unsuccessfully. Perhaps you can view it on FB.)

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Lincoln on the genius of American life

the genius of American life• We use Skype, a reliable video service, to talk to family members and make phone calls to the U.S., so the news of a Microsoft buyout leaves us unhappy, since the company seems to have a knack at degrading what it touches.

• Speaking of said service, we hooked up for the first time tonight with John H. To hear and see him live was a pleasure!

• Check out the toothy quotes and points over on my Posterous blog. I love that service, am often tempted to make the complete jump to there for my personal site. Subjects today include a comparison between cats and the French, a Lincoln quote on the “genius of American life” from an article on American exceptionalism, declining TV ownership in the U.S., and a prayer for downsizing, among others.

• Further down the list of Posterous posts is a historical allusion via Truman, which people didn’t catch, to the president’s crediting himself and, nearly, himself alone, for nabbing bin Laden. I guess I wouldn’t make a good political pundit.

• How much of an effort should one make to be present for the 80th birthday of one’s father?

• Do you take out time to write a journal or diary of sorts, either online or privately? Is that important, you think?

• On my real blog this morning, I translated into English our daily devotional, based today on 1 Cor. 7:24, one of the most upbeat thoughts, to my mind, out of that chapter. While we repent of sins, and God transforms us, still our outer circumstances need not change. God accepts us for who we are. Isn’t that a positive thought?

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One Man’s Story…

If you haven’t seen the video below, let me encourage you to take a look.  This video is called “Why I Left the Baptist Church;”  it is a documentary-style production of Thomas Broome’s amazing journey from denominationalism to true, New Testament Christianity.  The video was produced by Daniel Howell, preacher for the Sweetwater Church of Christ in Sweetwater, TN.

"Why I Left the Baptist Church" - Thomas Broome

"Why I Left the Baptist Church" - Thomas Broome

Daniel & I worked together at GBN (Gospel Broadcasting Network, for a time, & this was an idea we had collaborated on for a series, of which this video is the first.  I was part of the idea, but the professional production work & video editing was all Daniel.  It is a top-notch production, not to mention a simple telling of how one man saw the need to leave human creeds behind & follow just the Bible.  The video is 40 minutes total, but I guarantee it will not seem that long, not to mention it will be one of the best ways to spend 40 minutes of your time.  I still remember watching it the first time & being absolutely captivated by this fascinating story.  Please, everyone, spread it far & near, & use it to God’s glory.

Here is the link:

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Unmasking Progressive Christianity

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Miley Cyrus’ Raunchy New Video

Miley Cyrus, star of Hannah Montana is 17 and set to transition to adulthood. So, she inaugurates her new phase with a raunchy new video called, “Can’t Be Tamed.” I analyze her video and efforts from a Christian perspective.

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The State Of The Internet

Everyone loves statistics. Well, ok, maybe not everyone, but this video put together by Jesse Thomas of The State of the Internet will open your eyes to just how big the Internet is.

What is your congregation doing to reach this audience?

Brethren, the statistics presented in this video are staggering. Let’s take every opportunity to use this medium (and other mediums) to spread the saving gospel of Christ to the world.

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