This was kind of a “visit.” Eddie Brin…

Eddie Brinkley

Eddie Brinkley during his October 11, 2010 interview at GBN

This was kind of a “visit.” Eddie Brinkley came to the Chattanooga area back in October, 2010 to hold a meeting. I drove up there to attend a night of the meeting, but also to take bro. Brinkley to the Gospel Broadcasting Network’s facility to record an interview. He has been a longtime preacher “hero” of mine, and I can’t even tell how much of a thrill it was for me to be able to go visit with him and sit down like that and talk with him about his training under Marshall Keeble, his experience in local work, and so on. It was only my 2nd time being able to meet him in person, since he lives all the way in Wharton, TX (near Houston).

I have posted a few excerpts from that interview on the GBN Facebook fan page. There are 4 clips, varying from about 2 minutes to 5, (link is below).

Bro. Brinkley is one of the most humble men I have ever met, and it truly was an honor to have him “visit” the Chattanooga area, as well as for me to be able to go up that way and “visit” with him for the interviews!

Here is the link if anyone wants to watch the excerpts:

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Billy Ringold and his wife, Ruth Carroll…

Billy Ringold and his wife, Ruth Carroll, dropped by our evening service and after we went out for a cup of coffee together. Billy was my home town preacher growing up in Danville, IL. More than any other, he influenced my becoming a preacher. If I can become half the preacher Billy has been all his life, I will feel my efforts successful.

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1st semester accomplishments are: 1) Wro…

1st semester accomplishments are:

1) Posted 248 Bible study articles to my blog (wrote most of them).
2) Presented 13 Bible-based sermons before the Montana St. congregation.
3) Presented 23 Bible study lessons before the Montana St. adult Bible class.
4) From Jan – June, 2010, I’ve had 13,295 folks from 128 countries hit on my blog site. There were 61,543 page views during this period. Of these visitors, 67 percent were new visitors to my blog.
5) Presented 6 Bible-based lessons to the residents of our local Veterans Home.

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